Apr 29, 2009

More House News and Other Random Updates...

Building a new house is a lot of fun - we're very excited to see our new home grow and to be able to put as much input into as we can. Yesterday we picked out the exterior colors, officially picked out the cabinet colors and went through any and all electrical changes/additions we might want. Only problem now is that we are just ready to have the house complete and be moving - and that unfortunately is still months away. Foundation will be poured next week, possibly Friday - the contruction crew just needs to go pick up the building permits from the city of Rancho Cordova.

We are eager to start packing but don't want to start too soon. I have a week off at the end of May and in July, so those will be great weeks to get some quality packing in, though I also want to use the time off to work on some craft projects. I have a few I would like to complete before we move. We'll see.

Some fun is to be had this weekend - instead of celebrating Cinco De Mayo, we're celebrating Dos de Mayo with friends on Saturday. Yeah! Tune in Monday to see the fun we will have had.


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