Mar 17, 2009

Just over a week to go…

Until our honeymoon! Now that I have last week behind me, I’m really starting to get exited and slowly beginning the process of packing. I can hear the laundry spinning in the dryer as we speak.

I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home Thursday night. Our VP of marketing let me go home a day early since half the department and office was taking Friday off any how. It was very nice to get home to Cameron and the kids, though staying with Alyssa was wonderful and made the time away fly by. Friday I was so tired I worked from bed the entire day.

Friday night we went with Matt & Lynde to see The Watchmen – I wish I could say it was good or bad, but my review is jaded by the fact that we missed the first 5 minutes to no sound for the movie and the next hour plus, dealing with stupid high school girls chit chatting over the movie. Lynde and I even got up to get an usher. He said he would stand at the back of the theater to listen for them. He didn’t stand there more than 30 seconds before he left! Lynde had shushed them a few times and I full on yelled at these girls, but to no avail. Luckily, they got bored and left.

Not much more than that happened. Saturday Cameron skydived and I got my hair colored and cut. Sunday, Lynde, Christina, Kim and I got together for lunch and some shopping. Since Pat was golfing with Cameron and the rest of the boys, we also got to see Kaley and Paige. Paige slept the entire time and Kaley had a ball hanging with the girls. From there I headed to the gym for some exercise. Alyssa and I only made it to the gym once last week, both of us busy with work and tired from work most evenings. If Cameron gets home soon, I’m sure we’ll both go tonight, like we did last night. We have to go before 5 PM or we’ll end up waiting an hour for a treadmill.

Ok, as promised, here are the photos of my closet clean up…

My new donation pile. I still need to record, fold and box this up, obviously.

My tub of skinny clothes. Yes, the clothes on top are meant to be in there too, but it’s too full, so I need to get another!

And my empty closet. The clothes on the top rack are Cameron’s. Oh, and he has the entire dresser now and clothes in his office closet!

Mar 10, 2009

Hello From The Bay

Hello all! I'm taking a break from work right now as I wanted to update you on my adventures from over the weekend. Things went as planned, for the most part. I did make it to the gym both Saturday and Sunday, walking incline intervals on the treadmill for an hour each trip. It felt great! Plus I went first thing both days which helped control my hunger each day - I am still feeling a decrease in appetite thanks to my long walks!

On Saturday, after the gym, I cleaned up and went out shopping while Cameron was in Davis jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for fun. I had a very successful trip to Old Navy, finding two pairs of work pants and a pair of jeans that will come in handy for London. I figured while I was shopping for clothes for work this week, I might as well look for some fun stuff to wear in London. I also found some fun brightly colored tops for both work and London. From there I headed to Target wear I found a few new clothes items, a cute new purse and a bin to store all my skinny clothes. It felt like ages since I have had a good shopping trip like this.

When I got home is when I got very industrious and took om the project of tackling my closet.

I went through every single piece of fabric I own in there (along with purses and belts), tried everything on and placed it (well, tossed or threw it are better ways to describe my actions) in one of four piles - keep in closet, store until I lose 10 pounds, trash, and donate. My store and donate piles were definitely the largest of the piles. I only had a few items so ratty that they had to be tossed and some old shirts were moved to the work out or sleep in only sections. Yes, I am that organized with my clothes and closet. It does look a bit bare now, but I feel good about my donation pile and I look forward to being reunited with the clothes I stored away once I lose some weight. Mom and Dad, you will be proud, I finally removed my ratty and holey Minnesota U sweatshirt. I didn't throw it away though - I'll probably save it for a quilt someday of all my memoriable clothes that needed to be retired. I think I wore this old sweatshirt of my dad's every day of junior high and I used to wear it on occassion to snuggle up in in front of the TV.

Next weekend I'll work on recording all the items within the donation pile and folding the items into boxes for easy transportation. Once I am home I'll take some pictures to show you just how empty my closet it, how many clothes have been stored and the size of the donation pile in its current state. I even got rid of enough clothes that Cameron has sole ownership of the dresser -up until Saturday, I had one drawer filled with tank tops.

Now to just keep the working out going. Luckily, Alyssa belongs to 24 Hour Fitness as well and is interested in going with me so we're going to try going tonight.


Mar 6, 2009

Hello Weekend

The weekend is almost here…well it is for me. I just finished up all the work I had to do for my job today, and it’s only 1 PM. I like to arrange my work week so that Friday is completed early. We don’t have any big plans this weekend. Cameron may go skydiving if his rig is ready. He had to have his Cyprus replaced. This is the device that pushes out his shoot at a certain altitude if he hasn’t done so already – good to have in case he can’t pull for some reason.

I think I’m going to do a little shopping. I need some new work pants and clothes as while I hate to admit it and I’m not proud of it, I’ve gained some weight. I’m working onsite all next week as my boss is on a Caribbean Cruise. Due a procedure I had in January, I wasn’t allowed to work out for 4 weeks and just never got back into anything after those 4 weeks were up. I’ve also been eating more than I should. Totally need to practice portion control. I definitely will try to get back to the gym this weekend. Other than that I the usual household chores to do and then my craft room/office is in need of clean up. All this is if I can tear myself away from my latest project.

I’ve once again started the project of repainting the dollhouse my grandfather built me when I was little. He had done the original painting and a few years ago I decided I wanted to re-paint it different colors. I also added an addition to the house as I had plans to work on the interior once the exterior was completed. I’m going with a Victorian-theme. I got pretty far with the exterior, but then I had to put the dollhouse away for one reason or another and then we moved from the Fremont apartment to the Fremont house. Now that I have restarted, I am changing the exterior colors, again. The fresh start makes it feel like a new project again.

I am looking forward to next week as I will be staying with my friend Alyssa. It will be nice to get some quality girl time in with her in the evenings and not be alone in a hotel room. I usually get a hotel room when I need to be there for 1 night, but 4 nights is a little much for me. Luckily, I will be able t help her out some, as her car needs to go in for repairs and I’ll be able fill in some while it is being fixed.