Feb 23, 2009

Tucson: Day 4 & Valentine’s Day

My flight out of Tucson wasn’t until 4 PM, and given the small airport, and being able to check in online the night before, I didn’t need to be at the airport until around 3 PM, so I was able to spend a good chunk of time with the family Sunday morning.

The main reason my Aunt Laurinda and friend Dorothy had come during this time was because the annual Gem & Mineral show was taking place. This is quite the event in Tucson and lasts over a week. Vendors set up shop wherever they can, including hotel rooms, and vendor location are all over the city. We headed out mid-morning to see what all the fuss was about. What we saw was incredible – huge agates, priced wholesale into the thousands. And we only saw about 5% of the entire show. There were also vendors selling jewelry, beads, pearls, food, carpets and much more. When my parents got sidetracked looking at some rugs (they ended up purchasing 2 later that week, after the salesman let them take several home to test out in the house), I wandered on my own. I ended up getting this for Cameron, which I gave to him Valentine’s Morning:

It was pretty funny when I handed him the black plastic bag it was wrapped in by the vendor I purchased it from. Just by feeling it, he asked if I got him a rock. Here are some other pictures I took from the show. I had to take these on the sly – I watched other people get yelled at for taking pictures of the product.

I definitely want to go back next year, with Cameron in tow. As for Valentine’s Day…We had a nice evening with our friends Pat & Kim, their 2 month old Paige, and our friends Tui, Jeff & Matt. Lynde was in SoCal celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday. We cooked a nice dinner and actually sat around the kitchen table to eat. Anyone who knows us, knows we tend to eat at the coffee table watching TV, no matter who is over. Now that I have the table up, I am trying to change this when we have company. We had chocolate fondue for dessert, which was enjoyed around the coffee table watching TV J. Jake was ready for dinner long before our guests arrived.


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