Feb 3, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday

Our weekend was dictated by SuperBowl Sunday. Matt & Lynde were hosting the big party for all our friends and the boys decided with so many people coming they needed more than one TV in the living room for people could watch no matter where they were standing or sitting.

So Saturday, Matt came over and Cameron helped him load our largest TV into his car, along with one of our cable boxed. They both then went to Circuit City to get what they needed to mount our TV to Matt’s living room wall. I followed just to watch this unfold. When they started mounting the TV I asked Lynde why she agreed to this, considering this would put some nice holes in the wall. Apparently she got Matt to agree to paint the wall for her after SuperBowl. Pretty smart on her part, I would say, as it is a large wall.

We were in charge of bringing Cameron’s 7-layer dip to the party, so Sunday morning I braved the supermarket to get the goods. Holy crap was it packed that morning. Employees were stocking and restocking certain shelves – like the chips, booze and soda isles. When I went to get the guacamole, the kind we use was out of stock. Or so it appeared. Luckily, an employee was restocking the shelves and had some on her cart. She was kind enough to go get what I needed as soon as she unloaded the box she had at the time.

The party was a lot of fun. Between all the adults, a few kids and 2 puppies, Lynde and Matt’s house was packed full. The boys and I think a few girls played football out on the vacant lots outside the house during half time, where Cameron successfully sprained his ankle. I would have gone out and watched, but it was cold and I finally could find a place to sit down. Everyone enjoyed the set up, too.

I’m off to Tucson to visit my parents on Wednesday night and get to stay through the weekend. It will be very nice to see them and my aunts and uncle that are currently visiting them. And it will be nice just to relax and be in some warmer weather, just was the cool weather returns to us. Cameron was wearing shorts on Saturday, but rain is forecasted for the end of the week.


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