Feb 27, 2009

Of Honeymoons and Couch Potatoes

A month from today Cameron and I will be landing in London for our honeymoon! We booked the trip shortly after the holidays and I can hardly believe it’s only a month away. Originally we were looking at going to Maui, but during a night Cameron was experiencing insomnia, he checked the costs between Maui and London for the end of March. He found that we could travel and lodge in London at a 5-Star hotel for the same amount it would cost us to fly and lodge in Maui at a 3-star hotel and we would get to stay in London one night longer. So, after getting the time approved from our bosses, and my getting an updated passport, we are almost on our way!

By the way, I have never mentioned that I am officially Sarah London Cenedella. I changed my name with Social Security and the DMV back in December. Now the last official document reflects this change – my passport. Changing your name is a major pain – there are so many people you need to alert! I still haven’t finished the process with the smaller people that need to know. I dropped my original middle name Anne, as London has been more of who I am than Anne. I did of course ask my mom for permission, as Anne was the name of her favorite aunt and why I had been given that for my middle name.

We don’t have much planned this weekend, mainly relaxing and doing small tasks around the house. The most exciting thing that has happened to us in the last week is Melody’s new lounging place of choice. Wednesday night I was sitting in our living room on the step up to the front door as our little space heater is there and I was a bit cold. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Melody climb gingerly onto the couch, curl up and go to sleep. I could not help but laugh. And of course I called Cameron out to see. She has been up on the couch before but only when we have called her up to cuddle with us. Her getting on to the couch by herself is highly unusual. She proceeded to do this again last night when both Cameron and I were on the step. Luckily my camera was right there to catch our little couch potato!


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