Feb 27, 2009

Of Honeymoons and Couch Potatoes

A month from today Cameron and I will be landing in London for our honeymoon! We booked the trip shortly after the holidays and I can hardly believe it’s only a month away. Originally we were looking at going to Maui, but during a night Cameron was experiencing insomnia, he checked the costs between Maui and London for the end of March. He found that we could travel and lodge in London at a 5-Star hotel for the same amount it would cost us to fly and lodge in Maui at a 3-star hotel and we would get to stay in London one night longer. So, after getting the time approved from our bosses, and my getting an updated passport, we are almost on our way!

By the way, I have never mentioned that I am officially Sarah London Cenedella. I changed my name with Social Security and the DMV back in December. Now the last official document reflects this change – my passport. Changing your name is a major pain – there are so many people you need to alert! I still haven’t finished the process with the smaller people that need to know. I dropped my original middle name Anne, as London has been more of who I am than Anne. I did of course ask my mom for permission, as Anne was the name of her favorite aunt and why I had been given that for my middle name.

We don’t have much planned this weekend, mainly relaxing and doing small tasks around the house. The most exciting thing that has happened to us in the last week is Melody’s new lounging place of choice. Wednesday night I was sitting in our living room on the step up to the front door as our little space heater is there and I was a bit cold. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Melody climb gingerly onto the couch, curl up and go to sleep. I could not help but laugh. And of course I called Cameron out to see. She has been up on the couch before but only when we have called her up to cuddle with us. Her getting on to the couch by herself is highly unusual. She proceeded to do this again last night when both Cameron and I were on the step. Luckily my camera was right there to catch our little couch potato!


Feb 23, 2009

Tucson: Day 4 & Valentine’s Day

My flight out of Tucson wasn’t until 4 PM, and given the small airport, and being able to check in online the night before, I didn’t need to be at the airport until around 3 PM, so I was able to spend a good chunk of time with the family Sunday morning.

The main reason my Aunt Laurinda and friend Dorothy had come during this time was because the annual Gem & Mineral show was taking place. This is quite the event in Tucson and lasts over a week. Vendors set up shop wherever they can, including hotel rooms, and vendor location are all over the city. We headed out mid-morning to see what all the fuss was about. What we saw was incredible – huge agates, priced wholesale into the thousands. And we only saw about 5% of the entire show. There were also vendors selling jewelry, beads, pearls, food, carpets and much more. When my parents got sidetracked looking at some rugs (they ended up purchasing 2 later that week, after the salesman let them take several home to test out in the house), I wandered on my own. I ended up getting this for Cameron, which I gave to him Valentine’s Morning:

It was pretty funny when I handed him the black plastic bag it was wrapped in by the vendor I purchased it from. Just by feeling it, he asked if I got him a rock. Here are some other pictures I took from the show. I had to take these on the sly – I watched other people get yelled at for taking pictures of the product.

I definitely want to go back next year, with Cameron in tow. As for Valentine’s Day…We had a nice evening with our friends Pat & Kim, their 2 month old Paige, and our friends Tui, Jeff & Matt. Lynde was in SoCal celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday. We cooked a nice dinner and actually sat around the kitchen table to eat. Anyone who knows us, knows we tend to eat at the coffee table watching TV, no matter who is over. Now that I have the table up, I am trying to change this when we have company. We had chocolate fondue for dessert, which was enjoyed around the coffee table watching TV J. Jake was ready for dinner long before our guests arrived.


Feb 20, 2009

Tucson: Day 3

Saturday I got to spend some quality time with just my parents. The three of us headed off for the Desert Museum. This was the only place I saw any of the little critters I had heard Arizona is home to. I’m sure I will see them some time during a summer visit to my folks.

We took the long way to the museum, driving around Tucson to give me an idea of what was around. We stopped at the top of a mountain (can’t remember the name). At the top of it was this giant A. Back in the early 1900s, students of U of A created this with white washed rocks. Today, when U of A’s rival comes to play they paint the Giant A.

At the Desert Museum, I saw scorpions, a hela monster (though he was hiding so I only saw his tail), a fox, a mountain lion, a couple a wolves, a dear, plenty of cacti and one havelina. The havelina looks likes pig, or wart hog, but is as closely related to a pig as we are to chimpanzees (which isn’t very close). I also learned how to spot the scorpion that likes to frequent the indoors – buy a black light. They glow! Which is cool, but I still don’t want to see one indoors, ever. Here are some pics.

The Organ Pipe Cactus

The Totem Pole Cactus

Mountain Lion


Feb 19, 2009

Tucson: Day 2

Both Thursday and Friday mornings I was able to get a nice long walk in with my mom, Aunt Raelene and Uncle Joe. The three of them had already set up a nice little route to follow. On Thursday morning my mom mentioned a toad in a tree. Turns out it was a dead toad. He must have been there a while for him to be a sight to see during these walks. Friday I made sure to bring my camera so I could share the dead toad in a tree with all of you. I know, weird!

That afternoon we ventured over to the Tucson Mall and took in a little shopping. Then we headed over to Total Wine so we could stock up on a couple of bottles for the rest of the trip. Quite a nice shop, I have to say, but it took us a while to find our staples of Clus Du Bois and Meridian.


Feb 18, 2009

Tucson: Day 1

As mentioned, I recently made a trip to Tucson to visit my parents. It was wonderful, mainly just because it was so nice to see my parents. I arrived on a Wednesday night, and still had to work Thursday and Friday. Luckily I was able to arrange it so I only had a few hours work to do each morning and was able to go out and about with every one in the afternoon. And when I say every one, I don't just mean my parents. Not only was I visiting, but my Aunt Raelene and Uncle Joe were in town and my Aunt Laurinda and her friend Dorothy would return from their Arizona travels Saturday. My dad had to work Thursday and Friday, too, so we didn’t venture too far during those afternoons.

Thursday afternoon we went in search of one of the local farmer’s market. What we found was not what we have come accustomed to in with Chico’s farmer’s markets. It basically was just a small gathering of various local vendors, six vendors tops, in an old parking lot. We did come upon a very nice lady selling honey who told us the true farmer’s market to shop at is on Sundays. We did purchase a delicious jar of honey from her. That night we enjoyed a beautiful sunset against the incoming clouds. Here are some of the pics I took.
These photos don't even do that evening's show justice. Stay tuned for what happened during the rest of my trip.


Feb 3, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday

Our weekend was dictated by SuperBowl Sunday. Matt & Lynde were hosting the big party for all our friends and the boys decided with so many people coming they needed more than one TV in the living room for people could watch no matter where they were standing or sitting.

So Saturday, Matt came over and Cameron helped him load our largest TV into his car, along with one of our cable boxed. They both then went to Circuit City to get what they needed to mount our TV to Matt’s living room wall. I followed just to watch this unfold. When they started mounting the TV I asked Lynde why she agreed to this, considering this would put some nice holes in the wall. Apparently she got Matt to agree to paint the wall for her after SuperBowl. Pretty smart on her part, I would say, as it is a large wall.

We were in charge of bringing Cameron’s 7-layer dip to the party, so Sunday morning I braved the supermarket to get the goods. Holy crap was it packed that morning. Employees were stocking and restocking certain shelves – like the chips, booze and soda isles. When I went to get the guacamole, the kind we use was out of stock. Or so it appeared. Luckily, an employee was restocking the shelves and had some on her cart. She was kind enough to go get what I needed as soon as she unloaded the box she had at the time.

The party was a lot of fun. Between all the adults, a few kids and 2 puppies, Lynde and Matt’s house was packed full. The boys and I think a few girls played football out on the vacant lots outside the house during half time, where Cameron successfully sprained his ankle. I would have gone out and watched, but it was cold and I finally could find a place to sit down. Everyone enjoyed the set up, too.

I’m off to Tucson to visit my parents on Wednesday night and get to stay through the weekend. It will be very nice to see them and my aunts and uncle that are currently visiting them. And it will be nice just to relax and be in some warmer weather, just was the cool weather returns to us. Cameron was wearing shorts on Saturday, but rain is forecasted for the end of the week.