Jan 26, 2009

Mike’s Diner

This weekend was a pretty relaxed one by our old standards. Vicki and Joe came down from Biggs on Saturday to deliver us our new BBQ and outdoor furniture. They had been kind enough to pick these items up from my parents house before they moved (it’s their old BBQ & outdoor furniture). Cameron and I were supposed to go up to do this, but then Cameron experienced a kidney stone two days before, which was unpleasant to begin with but also prevented us from doing what we needed to do.

Once the truck was unloaded we took Vicki & Joe to our new favorite burger joint. It’s called Mike’s Diner and it’s done up in good old 50’s fashion. We discovered it earlier this month when Cameron got a hunkering for a really good burger. We headed to In-N-Out like we normally do, but Cameron saw Marie Calendars and thought we might go there. That’s when we saw Mike’s across the street and decided to try that instead. It was well worth the try. We have been there a total of 3 times and have not been disappointed once. The first time we went there, there was a car club having dinner there, like they do every Tuesday. Apparently, in the summer, this car club drives their classic cars to dinner so the parking lot looks like Hot August Nights. The waitress also told us that there is a corvette club that meets there occasionally.

The next time we went was with Matt & Lynde. That night a young girl was having her birthday party there. All the kids were dressed up in to the nines in 50s clothing – girls in poodle skirts and boys in jackets, jeans and slicked back hair. They were done eating when we arrived, so the games had begun – hoola hoop contents, the limbo and classic dancing. It was fun to watch.

Not much was going on Saturday, which felt odd, but then again it was 2 PM. The food was still great any how. They also have great milk shakes and one feed 3 people.

We tried to do something different Saturday night after Vicki & Joe had left. We headed to the local bowling alley, which is brand new, to play a game or two. No such luck – the wait for a lane was 2 ½ to 3 hours. As Cameron said, if someone didn’t read the news and walked in there that night, they would have no clue we were in a recession. We’ll have to try again another time or make a reservation on a busy night.

That’s it for now. Tootles,

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