Jan 22, 2009

Keeping Things Interesting

Yesterday was not exactly a normal day in our house. At lunch, Cameron failed to close his office door completely when he went downstairs. When he returned to his office he found Jake in Spaz’s tank with Spaz pinned down and Jake covered in the cage’s gritty dirt. Cameron scruffed our trouble maker and brought him to my office to show me the evidence. Jake spent the rest of the afternoon in the spare bathroom until we could clean him up. He was definitely sorry for what he did later and probably a little cold, as he was the biggest cuddle bear the rest of the night. That wasn’t the end for his troubles either. At some point I left him wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. Cameron came down, and not seeing him, sat right on him.

More excitement came later. When I was laying in bed reading Breaking Dawn, the fourth book of the Twilight series – great series by the way - I got a sudden hunkering for 1 warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. I was close to the end of the chapter and realized I had all I needed to make cookies. Finished with the chapter, I headed down to make the cookies. Now for any one who doesn’t know me well, I’m a clutz. I always find ways to hurt myself, even falling down the stairs twice. So, I go downstairs and mix what ingredients I can while I wait for the butter to soften. At one point I decide I need to get the hand mixer. Now, I keep all my baking supplies on the top shelf of the pantry – extra flour, sugar, hand mixer, cooling racks, and the rolling pin. I moved the cooling racks, but figured the rolling pin was safe. NOPE. As I reached for the mixer, I knocked the rolling pin and it came down, hitting me on one of my little toes. The pain came first, then the tears. Then lightheadedness. I clung to the pantry door to keep myself up until Cameron got there. He got a hold of me and carried me threshold-style to the couch and got my frozen bag of black-eyed peas.

Back in high school, a bag of black eyed peas was my go-to ice pack. They shape quite nicely to any part of your body – in those days I needed a lot of ice on my shins. I still keep a bag in the freezer today.

After all this, I still got up and made my cookies and my one warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. They still taste good today, which helps since my toe does still hurt. Should have just used my big Kitchen Aid Mixer, even for a little cookie job.


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