Jan 26, 2009

Mike’s Diner

This weekend was a pretty relaxed one by our old standards. Vicki and Joe came down from Biggs on Saturday to deliver us our new BBQ and outdoor furniture. They had been kind enough to pick these items up from my parents house before they moved (it’s their old BBQ & outdoor furniture). Cameron and I were supposed to go up to do this, but then Cameron experienced a kidney stone two days before, which was unpleasant to begin with but also prevented us from doing what we needed to do.

Once the truck was unloaded we took Vicki & Joe to our new favorite burger joint. It’s called Mike’s Diner and it’s done up in good old 50’s fashion. We discovered it earlier this month when Cameron got a hunkering for a really good burger. We headed to In-N-Out like we normally do, but Cameron saw Marie Calendars and thought we might go there. That’s when we saw Mike’s across the street and decided to try that instead. It was well worth the try. We have been there a total of 3 times and have not been disappointed once. The first time we went there, there was a car club having dinner there, like they do every Tuesday. Apparently, in the summer, this car club drives their classic cars to dinner so the parking lot looks like Hot August Nights. The waitress also told us that there is a corvette club that meets there occasionally.

The next time we went was with Matt & Lynde. That night a young girl was having her birthday party there. All the kids were dressed up in to the nines in 50s clothing – girls in poodle skirts and boys in jackets, jeans and slicked back hair. They were done eating when we arrived, so the games had begun – hoola hoop contents, the limbo and classic dancing. It was fun to watch.

Not much was going on Saturday, which felt odd, but then again it was 2 PM. The food was still great any how. They also have great milk shakes and one feed 3 people.

We tried to do something different Saturday night after Vicki & Joe had left. We headed to the local bowling alley, which is brand new, to play a game or two. No such luck – the wait for a lane was 2 ½ to 3 hours. As Cameron said, if someone didn’t read the news and walked in there that night, they would have no clue we were in a recession. We’ll have to try again another time or make a reservation on a busy night.

That’s it for now. Tootles,

Jan 22, 2009

Keeping Things Interesting

Yesterday was not exactly a normal day in our house. At lunch, Cameron failed to close his office door completely when he went downstairs. When he returned to his office he found Jake in Spaz’s tank with Spaz pinned down and Jake covered in the cage’s gritty dirt. Cameron scruffed our trouble maker and brought him to my office to show me the evidence. Jake spent the rest of the afternoon in the spare bathroom until we could clean him up. He was definitely sorry for what he did later and probably a little cold, as he was the biggest cuddle bear the rest of the night. That wasn’t the end for his troubles either. At some point I left him wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. Cameron came down, and not seeing him, sat right on him.

More excitement came later. When I was laying in bed reading Breaking Dawn, the fourth book of the Twilight series – great series by the way - I got a sudden hunkering for 1 warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. I was close to the end of the chapter and realized I had all I needed to make cookies. Finished with the chapter, I headed down to make the cookies. Now for any one who doesn’t know me well, I’m a clutz. I always find ways to hurt myself, even falling down the stairs twice. So, I go downstairs and mix what ingredients I can while I wait for the butter to soften. At one point I decide I need to get the hand mixer. Now, I keep all my baking supplies on the top shelf of the pantry – extra flour, sugar, hand mixer, cooling racks, and the rolling pin. I moved the cooling racks, but figured the rolling pin was safe. NOPE. As I reached for the mixer, I knocked the rolling pin and it came down, hitting me on one of my little toes. The pain came first, then the tears. Then lightheadedness. I clung to the pantry door to keep myself up until Cameron got there. He got a hold of me and carried me threshold-style to the couch and got my frozen bag of black-eyed peas.

Back in high school, a bag of black eyed peas was my go-to ice pack. They shape quite nicely to any part of your body – in those days I needed a lot of ice on my shins. I still keep a bag in the freezer today.

After all this, I still got up and made my cookies and my one warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. They still taste good today, which helps since my toe does still hurt. Should have just used my big Kitchen Aid Mixer, even for a little cookie job.


Jan 20, 2009

It’s been A While…

Sorry for the long absence. Between the holidays and getting back to work, time has just not been on my side, and updating this blog has been on the back burner. Everything is now getting back to the old rhythm of life and I am finally able to get back to my creative writing via this blog.

We spent Christmas with our families this year, which meant a bit of running around between Chico, Biggs and Marysville. And this was after we spent the 23rd partying with friends late into the night to celebrate one of Cameron’s fraternity brother’s belated 30th birthday. This made getting up on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day difficult. Christmas Day ended with my parents and their cat Mocha coming to stay the night. We were their first stop on the long trek down to Tucson. They have since settled in, my dad has started his new job, and they already have a constant stream of visitors. Can’t blame any of my family in the Midwest wanting to visit them right now – Snow and minus 40 degrees versus Sun and 80 degrees isn’t too hard to choose between. I’m headed down there February 4 and am looking forward to some quality time with my parents. We didn’t get too much together-time over the holidays.

We rang in the New Year with a bunch of our friends over at Matt & Lynde’s house. And starting on New Year’s Day, Cameron and I started our annual tradition of watching all three Lord of The Rings Movies, the extended editions. We’ve been doing this for 3 years now and can’t wait until we can add the 2 upcoming Hobit movies to the mix. It takes us between 2-3 days to get through the 3 movies now. We basically don’t leave the house, lounge in our PJs and sweats the whole time and each comfort foods we have stored up on for the marathon.

I finally got my ring back on January 10th. Thankfully I had it ensured, so my insurance covered it with no deductible and they are going to go after the owners of the attack dog, since we were never contacted by them.

Other than that I’ve just been trying to get organized, most recently going through all my papers and files, pulling them together and shredding anything necessary. Jake thought he’d help out one night:

And now I leave you with Christmas photos of our Kids:

Melody was a little difficult to pose

Kelsey & Jake loved to drink the tree's water

And sleep under it

And Jake couldn't help but notice the wine Lynde placed under our tree

Love Always,