Dec 29, 2009

We're Having A....

Looks like I'm going to have to share Cameron with another woman. But I'll gladly share him with our little baby girl! Yup, we're having a girl.

Found out this morning at our last doctor's appointment with Kaiser. It was a pretty short appointment really - we were only supposed to hear the heart beat, check my weight and blood pressure and get any questions we had answered. Weight and blood pressure are good - I've only gained 5 pounds in this entire pregnancy which is good at this point in time. Then we heard Baby's heart beat.

The nurse midwife then asked if I had been feeling the baby. I said I suspected I had and pointed to the spot where I have been feeling something. She said that was exactly where I should be feeling baby. I then asked if I should feel bigger at night than in the morning. Yup - my stomach is above baby and when the stomach starts pushing on baby during the day, baby starts pushing back.

After that she asked if there was anything else. That's when Cameron chimed in that he had been hoping to see baby since he missed the last Ultrasound. She smiled and said she's be happy to go get the machine. She wheeled it in quickly and then said that if baby cooperated we could find out the sex if we wanted. We immediately said yes. And that's when we found out we're having a little girl.

I started crying a little, of course. And while I think Cameron was expecting a girl, he think he was a little in shock, but he did have a smile on his face all the same. I think it helped he had gotten to play with his cousin Kyle's 1 year old daughter, Kylynn, over the holidays and last night. Kyle, his girlfriend Bree and their cute little girl stayed with us last night since they had an early flight back to Louisiana this morning. She's grown so much since we saw her last year when she was just 2 1/2 - 3 mos.

Our little girl has grown so much as well. And we have a name for her. Her name is London Yvonne Cenedella. London, for my maiden, now middle name and Yvonne, which is my mother's middle name, and a beautiful name at that. Time to start looking at purple and green color schemes!

After our appointment, Cameron headed into work, while I headed down to member services to have my records transferred to the new doc. That's when I learned I could pay $5 for a flash drive with all my important medical information and records from Kaiser on it. Which I went and got immediately, since I needed to get it before I wasn't a member any longer. We're all set.


Dec 28, 2009

Two Christmases

This was the first Christmas Cameron and I have spent apart since Christmas 2004 when my parents still lived in Visalia and we had only be officially dating for a year. We also plan for this to be the last Christmas we ever spend apart - with baby on the way, we are looking forward to next Christmas when it will be 6-7 mos old!

The Sunday before Christmas I headed to Tucson for a full week visit with my parents, while Cameron's work schedule and ticket prices kept him at home watching over the kiddos and getting some good hunting in. I'm pleased to report that my dad is doing quite well for having surgery at the beginning of the month, which was the reason he and my mom could not travel to Sacramento for Christmas as was originally planned.

Monday thru Wednesday was spent shopping for last minute gifts and maternity clothes for me. I now I have 3 pairs of jeans and several tops to get me through for a while. I've also popped out quite a bit more in the last two weeks, making maternity clothes a bit more of a necessity. Time to go through my clothes again and store away all the old clothes I can no longer fit in for a while.

I also finally got to meet my parents' friends and neighbors, Barb & Bud. They came over for dinner Tuesday night. Wednesday morning they were supposed to be on their way to Maryland to spend Christmas with their Daughter, and so we thought was still the case when mom and I picked up their dog Roxy for a mid-morning walk. My parents watch and feed Roxy when Barb & Bud are away and they watch Mocha when my parents head on vacation. It wasn't until my mom and I were heading out for some more shopping that afternoon that Bud called and informed us that Barb had slipped grabbing a towel out of the shower and broke her upper left arm on the bathtub. To say break is an understatement, actually. Pulverized is a better idea. Poor Barb had to have surgery to insert a pin in her arm from her shoulder to her elbow Christmas eve morning. My mom being the nurse and wonderful person that she is, made extra Christmas Eve dinner and walked it over at dinner time. Barb was a trooper and made the trek across the street Christmas Day to have dinner with us. I can only imagine the pain she is still in.

Also over the visit I finally learned to make my mom's french bread. She's been making this bread for 30 some years now and family friend Emily Moffett won't let her through the door on Christmas Eve with out it. We only wished we could have had Emily with us to learn. Maybe next year.

Yesterday, my mom was able to teach my how to make the Scandinavian treat, Lefsa. It's kinda of like a potato-based tortilla that we then smother with butter and sugar. Mom was even able to send me home with a Lefsa stick which is quite useful in the process. Have to say that the Lefsa seems easier to make than the french bread, but I need some new additions to my kitchen before I can make either.

I'm currently sitting in LAX waiting for my flight home to Sac, with about an hour to go still. I was up early this morning and am looking forward to getting home, crawling into my bed and cuddling up with Cameron for a mid-morning nap. I'm sure a few kiddos will be joining us if they're not too mad at me for disappearing for so long. I'm also looking forward to some of Vicki's homemade tamales, which I watched being made the Saturday before I left. She had quite the assembly line going with her sister Cindy, Joe and Cameron and made quite a number of tamales, though she makes them once a year to last the next. So yummy!


Dec 17, 2009

The Doctor is in

The hospital tour last night wasn't all that exciting. Good information and for a hospital it was nice. I was glad to see the delivery rooms don't have glaring fluorescent bulbs and that they are private, as are the Maternity recovery rooms. Those had fluorescent lights but not directly overhead. With the information provided I don't think we'll need to take the same tour over again closer to the birth. We do know that when we are ready to head to the hospital to call ahead to alert them of our arrival and ask them to make sure an anesthesiologist is available - they said it can take 20 minutes for the anesthesiologist to arrive to give you an epidural. So far, we're pretty sure I'll want one. At the end of the tour I asked the nurse giving the tour who she preferred among the Ob's. Of course she said all are great, but we were able to get a couple of names out of her after that initial, expected response.

This morning I called the first doctor and got an crazy automated message service. I left a message but that experience left me feeling a little cold. So I looked the other Doctor up online to get his phone number. Come to find out, he's in a practice with two other Ob's with privileges at Mercy Folsom as well. When I called, I spoke with a nice receptionist that was very understanding to my predicament and she was able to schedule me to have an initial nurse consultation for new patients visit in early January and to see the Doctor mid-late January. She also assured me that they'll be able to get me in for my mid-term ultrasound, the one that tells us the gender, right around that time so we won't be too delayed in finding out what Baby will be. The added bonus is that the Practice office is located across the street from the hospital so I know they will be close when the time comes.

That was my biggest to do today and I am so relieved to be able to check it off my list and feel like this is going to be good. Now I just need to get my records from Kaiser and hopefully the new insurance info arrives in the mail soon!


Dec 16, 2009

All I Want For Christmas is...

An empty spare bedroom so we are ready to decorate for Baby as soon as the gender is determined. This is what I told Cameron last night at Costco when he decided buying a Blu-Ray player was our Christmas present to us both and then realized its not a big deal to me - I'm fine with regular old DVDs and player.

We're headed to the Mercy Folsom hospital tonight for our tour. As long as I am comfortable with the place I hope we can have a doctor selected and appointments on the calendar either before we leave there tonight or by the end of the week.

Still no showing much, but have definitely seen a change in my belly in the last day. Of course, I look bigger at night after I've eaten.

Had a great lunch with Devon on Saturday, catching up with her and meeting Zoey. We mainly talked babies, which was good and she gave me some good advice. First, she said to make sure Cameron has a sweatshirt at the hospital - she got so hot during her labor that she had the room as cold as she could get it. It was still warm weather outside so her husband was not prepared for the chilly weather inside and had to ask the nurse for a blanket to keep himself warm. She also turned me on to the company I am sure I will get my diaper bag through: Petunia Pickle Bottom. They look like regular purses, but have holders for bottles, come with changing pads and wipe holders. Plus, the one Devon has has 3 strap options, including one option so you can click the bag to the stroller! Devon also said to go to their outlet online and wait for a sale, as the bags are somewhat pricey. Already signed up and waiting.

Saturday night was the annual skydiving Christmas party and white elephant exchange. We first had dinner with Matt, Lynde and some of Matt's skydive team in Winters at a great Steakhouse called Buckhorn. I ordered a dinner salad that was huge! But unfortunately I'm still have meat aversions and the steak on it was just too sweet. During the party I ended up guarding a bottle of good tequila for one of our friends. It was the gift she picked out from the pile and she didn't want any one to steal it so she opened it and had some sips. She then invited a few others to have a taste. This led to even more people came looking for it for a taste, but without asking Amy. That's when we decided to hide the bottle behind my chair and say someone stole it! Amy was very convincing and we were able to save about half the bottle for her to enjoy later. It was also at the party that most of our skydiving friends found out we were expected - all are quite excited for us.

This weekend should be pretty busy. Cameron's hunting Saturday morning and I have a hair appointment in Chico that morning, so we're headed up to Biggs Friday night. Cameron then wants to make tamales with his mom so we can bring some home with us rather than wait until the end of next year for Vicki's freezer left overs. Sunday I head to Tucson in the evening to spend the holidays with my parents and somewhere in there I think we need to sneak in some last minute shopping so Cameron doesn't show up empty handed to family gatherings here.

Dec 10, 2009

Happy Holidays!

The tree is up and decorated, as is most of the house, and our annual Christmas cards and letter have been sent out to friends and family. I still have a few holiday decorations to get up, which will probably be completed today or this weekend.

We even started this week with a little snow on the ground! Sunday night temperatures dropped enough and the rain turned into Snow. Cameron had to get up early for work that day so he got me up to see snow on neighbors' roof titles and on our cars. There wasn't much though and by noon the snow had melted away. It's still quite chilly in these parts and it started raining more last night. The other night when Cameron and I were running errands, we were warned by my car that ice was possible. I actually slipped a little on ice in our driveway earlier in the day - I didn't fall or anything, just had my foot move unexpectedly beneath me. It was a good reminder to look down when walking these days though.

Last week we were supposed to go on our first hospital tour, to start the process of finding a new doctor before the New Year. Unfortunately, the hopsital cancelled the event, and while someone was supposed to call me to reschedule a time for us to come, no one did. No worries, as it wasn't the hopsital we were really interested in any how. We're set to see Mercy Folsom next week and as long as I get a good feeling there, we're find a doctor through that hopsital.

We had a great weekend, last weekend. Cameron got to go with our friend Jeremy to the Sharks game in San Jose Saturday night. Too bad the Sharks lost in the last period. Cameron did pick me up a Sharks Santa Hat, which he placed on the tree and I like it there so much, it has stayed. Also on Saturday, my childhood friend Denise came for a visit. She hadn't been able to come to the house warming so she got to see our house for the first time and it was nice to just catch up with her since seeing her at her wedding in September.

This weekend Cameron has plans to go hunting as the weather should be optimal and I'm headed to Vacaville to have lunch with my highschool girlfriend, Devon, and her baby girl Zoey. I'm very excited to meet this little cutie - she's had a full head of hair since she was born around October.

Other than that, I've finally started the process of creating our wedding album, getting pictures in order, and ordered where necesary as well as purchasing the paper and extras. Some of it's on order now, so it's a waiting game to receive all the materials before I can officially start. Most of the pictures I've order arrived today, so I'm mainly waiting on 5 other pictures and the paper. Not that I don't have plenty to do around here, including finishing up the cleaning out of the baby's room. We'll hopefully know the gender in January (pending baby obliging during the ultra sound and not getting delayed due to the doctor changes.)


Nov 30, 2009

Turkey and Icees

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We weren't sure how I was going to handle the smell and taste of turkey this year, giving my meat adversions, particularly with chicken. I've tried to eat chicken, even wanted it, but after about 4 bites, I'm ready to run the to bathroom.

We hosted Thanksgiving this year, which meant we were in charge of cooking the turkey. I was able to handle the raw turkey, helping Cameron get it smothered in olive oil just prior to cooking. And I have been loving the left over turkey sandwiches I have been having for almost every meal since Thanksgiving.

I officially started my second trimester yesterday. I can say my energy level has started to bounce back, though morning sickness is still plaguing me some here and there, mainly in the evenings after busy days. I've also developed one interesting craving. It came to me at 4:30 one morning - suddenly all I wanted was an Icee. The craving lasted all day, until I convinced Cameron to go with me to find a 7-11. After a little drive, we did find one and I had my Icee. Later we discovered that the AM/PM down the road also had true Icees, which we have stopped in on twice. I'm not craving them like that one day, but I'm definitely not turning them down anytime soon either. And I'm usually the kind of girl that won't eat frozen yogurt because its cold outside.

We also think our cat Jake knows something is up. He has switched from sleeping on Cameron's side of the bed to my side, and for several nights would not sleep anywhere but next to my tummy. My tossing, turning and getting up in the middle night has since moved him closer to my feet. He does, however, cuddle up as close to my tummy as I will allow him to every night when we're watching TV and immediately begins to purr. Cameron and I joke that he's massaging the baby. I'd let him lay on my belly, but its super sensitive and any pressure on it sends my into morning sickness.


Nov 19, 2009

Early Prenancy Class

Last night Cameron and I attended an Early Pregnancy class that was recommended for us and offered by Kaiser. The class had been advertised as things to expect during pregnancy, how to take care of yourself and baby and what to expect during your office visit.

I have to say the hour-long class was a let down. Maybe because I have friends and family who have also told me what to expect, or that fact that I get daily newsletters from, or that I've been reading when I have a little energy at night, but the class didn't offer me anything new. I mainly wanted to learn more about what to expect during our office visits, which was only covered by explaining how often we'll go to the doctor. Oh well, glad to know we know pretty much what Kaiser thinks we should.

In other news, Cameron and I are signed up to tour Mercy's Methodist Hospital in South Sacramento on December 3. We're basically being made to switch insurance providers mid-pregnancy so I need to find a new doctor by January 1. Of course, this comes right at the moment I'm do for the super duper ultrasound that looks at Baby's organs and usually lets us know the gender of the baby.

Yesterday in the mail I received a postcard from Mercy, inviting us to tour their Birthing center and meet their doctors during the evening hours of December 3. Perfect timing! I confirmed the hospital accepts our new insurance and signed us up.

I'm also going to schedule a tour of Mercy's Folsom hopsital and set up some meetings with the doctors there so we actually feel we have some choices when it comes to switching doctors since I not exactly pleased that I have to switch doctors at all.

For now, I'm looking forward to this weekend and having next week off to relax and catch up on things around the house. I really need to clear the baby's room out as we may be purchasing the baby room furniture next week. I've had the furniture picked up since we started trying, so its just a matter of buying it now. Hoping it might be on sale Black Friday. We'll see.


Nov 17, 2009

Hiccups & Baby clothes

Today was our second prenatal appointment. After checking me out, the nurse midwife rolled in the ultrasound machine again. Many people had told me that I likely would not have another ultrasound since we had one at the last appointment so I was happily surprised.

Just as baby came into view, it had a series of 3-4 hiccups! Once those subsided I got to watch the baby bounce around inside me. Still too early to feel baby though. My next ultrasound won't be until week 20 which is mid-January. But that's when we get to find out the gender, as long as baby cooperates.

I was bummed that Cameron was unable to attend the appointment. Unfortunately, his boss scheduled a mandatory in-person meeting for every one in his Sales group for the same time as our appointment. Cameron was just as bummed, if not more. I was able to bring two pictures home for our fridge.

Tomorrow night we're off to an early pregnancy class to learn what we can expect in the coming months and appointments. Just hoping morning sickness doesn't hit. I'm not having it as often or as long, but it tends to strike in the evening when I'm tired.

In other news, we have bought and been given the first baby clothes, gender neutral of course. Two Fridays ago, we ended up at the Galleria Mall in Roseville. Before we had started trying, we had gone into a Sports store looking for a hat for Cameron. That's when we discovered they carried San Jose Sharks onesies with bib and booties! I ended up buying one for my friend Ashley who was expecting at the time. When we made the decision to start trying we went back into the store to get our own, but the store didn't have any. Well they did that Friday, along with cute Sharks hoodie sweatshirt and sweat pant sets. Our kid is fully equipped to be the Sharks fan he or she will be. If we have a girl, I'll finish the outfits with a black headband.

Matt & Lynde just returned from Maui for their honeymoon and brought us back the tiniest and cutest Aloha Baby onesie, perfect for a newborn dealing with Central Valley summer heat next year.

Now, if I could just get the energy to clean out the baby's room so we can start looking at getting it ready for baby. I'm told my energy will return soon. I sure hope so. I'll try and take some pics of the pile of boxes ahead of me, as well as the clothes and scan those ultrasound pics soon.


Nov 6, 2009

Week of the Prune

The congratulations have been pouring in and we thank all of you for the well wishes.

I'm having a ton of fun each week learning how big little Baby Cenedella is getting and what new things Baby is doing. Today I am officially 10 weeks along, so I thought I'd share with you what I am reading about Baby today.

Baby is the size of a prune (I particularly like this comparison since we got married between the prune trees), which means the baby is about 1.2 inches and .14 oz. The bones and cartilage are starting to form this week and vital organs are beginning to function. On top of that, Baby's arm joints should be working and the legs will soon.

The Cenedella household is seeing the most milk its ever consumed these days! Cameron's usually the milk drinker, but with Baby, I want to get as much calcium as possible which I get in by eating cheeses, and drinking milk and calcium-rich orange juice. We're finding we need to go to the store more often then ever to fill up on milk, juice and fresh fruits. Still loving oranges these days and so glad they are coming into season. Still having morning sickness off and on. Thanks to everyone with their suggestions. Now if I can just get the energy to go out and get what I need to put those suggestions to use. Worst part right now is I'm craving Sushi - I can't have raw meat and really have to watch fish intake, but I think we'll have the remedy the situation with veggie rolls soon. I've also really wanted a tuna sandwich, but can't have albacore tuna - which is all was have for canned tuna!

Cameron and I have our next prenatal visit on November 17 which can't come soon enough.

In other news, I'm headed into the city tomorrow to have a girls day and see the musical Wicked again. I can hardly wait - I only pray morning sickness can be prevented while I am away.


Nov 2, 2009

And Baby Makes 3!

That's right, Cameron and I are officially announcing that we are expecting our first child! I'm 9 weeks along, which means the baby is about the size of a medium green olive, on its way to the size of a prune. We love all the weekly size descriptions. After reading that it was a size of a raspberry at week 8 I craved them. We revealed this great news to most of our friends at our house warming on Halloween, and now feel we can go as public as we want with this news. Of course, our parents found out almost as soon as we did.

We're due in early June, so of course we wouldn't mind if the baby was a little early, so that it can be a May baby with us. We will find out the sex when given a chance. With the amount of morning sickness I have been experiencing, most people are guessing its a girl.

We had our first prenatal check-up last Tuesday, where we had an ultra-sound and saw our baby for the first time, along with the heart beat. The midwife said our baby had a strong heartbeat and that I was right on with were I thought I was in the pregnancy.

Besides the morning sickness, the biggest symptom I have experienced is fatigue. I definitely don't have the energy I used to, which resulted in boxes being piled in the old spare bedroom, now baby room or nursery, so we do have some work ahead for ourselves getting it cleared out and then decorated for baby. While I haven't had many cravings, minus Popsicles and bakery sugar cookies, I have had food aversions, mainly to meat. It has to smell good to me before I'll eat any meat, which usually means Cameron is heating something up for himself and surrenders his food to get me to eat.

Cameron is being as supportive as possible, given I am slacking on my household responsibilities - he's done a good job at picking up that slack. And he's been good at asking how I'm feeling and seeing what he can do to make me feel better, including driving to Safeway at 11:30 last night to get me Tylenol to kill a headache I had had all day. And with all the water I'm drinking, the Britta filter has a permanent place on the counter next to the sink for easy fill-up, which happens at least twice a day.


Oct 10, 2009


Cameron has been in Canada since Tuesday, finally cashing in on a hunting trip he won in a drawing over a year ago. This means I've had a chance to really lay into the house. Tuesday night I cleaned the entire first floor. Wednesday night I worked on the loft. Thursday night I was exhausted, and Friday night, not in the mood to unpack. I think I've hit the wall on unpacking - time to tackle a box or two a day, no more unless I have a surge of energy. All in all the house is coming together. And today I finally got to paint!

Lynde and I headed to Lowe's and Home Depot for our painting needs around noon today. We then tackled a wall in her house that she has been putting off. It only took about an hour to get done, so I headed over and taped off the fireplace. After two coats, I have color on a wall. I can't wait until we don't have any more white walls in our house. After so many years of renting and white walls, I'm sick of them! Of course, it may be a few years before everything gets painted. I know today's project was small, but it feels so good to have some of the white gone, even if it was just a little patch.

Cameron gets home tomorrow. We haven't even talked since he left, so I'm looking forward to having my sweetie home, plus he can help me put the painting back up above the fireplace. Now I'm debating whether to paint the arch tomorrow, which I have the paint for, or get the main wall color paint to paint the inlay of the above fireplace area before putting the painting back up and just have that whole are complete - maybe I'll do both!


Oct 5, 2009

Monday Night Football!!!

Above are some photos of the house with a few settled in areas, finished yard, and our new art piece.

Eagerly waiting the start of tonight's Monday Night Football game between Minnesota and Green Bay. Still not sure who to rout for. Dad's from Minnesota, Mom's from Wisconsin, and then Aaron Rodgers is a Chico boy though he went to my high school rival, PV. I've more routed for the Vikings through the year and am leaning towards routing for them tonight. All in all should be a good game.


Sep 30, 2009

Hello Fall!

Fall is here. I can't say Fall is my favorite season, I don't think I really have a FAVORITE season. I just love the changing of the seasons. I'm usually tired of the old season and ready for the climate change. Fall is fun because I get to decorate the house for all the holidays that come with it. And while the first week and weekend of Fall brought 100 degree weather, between Monday and Tuesday this week, we've seen a drop of about 15-20 degrees and have had some chilly nights. Tonight we even had some rain, lightning and thunder. We had to take the comforter out of the dry cleaning bag. And with October started, Halloween decorations have made their way out of storage and into our decor.

In other news, we still have a ways to go before we're totally settled in the new house (I'll decorate around the mess:)) but we are almost completely done with cleaning the old house - just a quick sweep of the garage tomorrow and our walk-through.

We have completed our backyard renovations. We had cement poured and stained, and sprinklers and lawn put in last week. We even extended the driveway a little so I'll be able to park on it versus the street. Yippee! Above are some pics before the cement was stained. The camera is low on battery power and I haven't found the charger yet to take the final finished picture.

Today, Lynde, Cameron and I headed up to the Auburn Home Show. Cameron and I were on a mission to find a painting for above the fireplace. We originally had purchases a painting on canvas hung by a wrought iron bar, but it's just a little too big and looks better in our bedroom any how. We went straight to the building that had the art at the last show. Sure enough, the art section was still there and still at the low low prices. We found what we wanted in 10 minutes. It's even already above the fireplace and we've even picked out the colors we plan to paint the room. In trying to hang the canvas painting, Cameron made some dents and holes, which has been a blessing because I cannot wait to paint and now I need to to fix his boo boos.

Stay tuned for more pictures as things progress.


Sep 23, 2009

First Bubble Bath

We're in the new house! And I have officially broken in the new master bath tub with bubble! Yesterday was my company's annual marketing offsite in Santa Cruz. With all the unpacking and moving that went on over the weekend, I was too tired to head down Monday night, so I instead went to bed early and work up at 5 AM to head to San Jose. I had to be in San Jose by 9 AM to catch a ride over the hill. Just barely made it thanks to traffic on 680! While the meeting was supposed to finish at 4, we didn't get out of there until 4:45, so we weren't back over the hill until 5:30. Luckily, traffic was moving nicely and I was back in Elk Grove at 7:30 or so. Needed to make a stop at the old house to get some of the last items we have there. By the time I got home at 8:30, all I wanted was a little dinner, a glass of wine and a bubble bath. After a quick sandwich, I was soaking it up upstairs and unwinding. May need a few more before weeks end.

The big move was last Saturday and the movers were done in under 6 hours. Of course, we just had them place boxes in the garage, so we've been busy moving boxes into the house and unpacking. Just a few pictures, cleaning and gardening supplies remain at the old house. Guess what we'll be doing this weekend ;).

I'll get pictures up of the new house unfurnished soon and once we're settled, will get final pictures up.


Sep 10, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So I'm sitting at my computer and tried to remember the loast time I posted here. I had to check and am shocked its been well over a month. Then again, August was a bit of a blurr for me.

The weekend after our anniversary, Cameron's brother Alan and his son Christian were in town for a visit, so a bunch of the family got together for a BBQ. Our nephew Christian turned 3 in July and is just the happiest little guy I have ever met! It was a ton of fun to see him and Alan again, and we were happy Joe, Vicki, Alan and Christian made the trek down to Rancho to see the house at the time. I think the tile was just going in.

The next weekend kicked off all the festivities around Matt & Lynde's wedding. First was the bridal shower, then the bachelor party and Lynde's pre-bachelorette party. followed by their wedding. The wedding was wonderful, the bride gorgeous and the groom looked dapper in his tux and spiffy shoes. Forget what the style was called, but the shoes were cool for sure. We spent a bit of time up in Chico for their wedding, catching up with friends we don't see often who had come in for the wedding as well as sneaking in a dinner with Gene and Bonnie Moffett.

Then, last Thursday, my parents flew in for Denise Johnson's wedding, which was Sunday. Friday, my dad finally got to see the new house - during our pre-walk through. Did I mention its all done. The prewalk through was just to go through and make sure it was up to our standards. The builder has had this last week to fix all the little things. My biggest concern is just making sure the granite tile on the island is smooth - I'd found a few rough edges during the walkthrough. Denise and Jon's wedding was lovely as well. It was held at the very same location as Matt & Lynde's! A bit of deja vu for Cameron and myself. Cameron got to meet a lot of people from my childhood that I haven't seen in years. My parents and I had a great time catching up with all these people. Denise looked stunning in her dress and I got quite the kick out of Jon walking in to the Mission Impossible theme song!

And to add more to our plate, we've been busy with the final preparations of the new house and moving! We get the keys tomorrow. While I know the process seemed to take forever, I can't believe the day is almost here that its ours! We have the final walkthrough just to confirm all was fixed tomorrow at 1 PM. Then it will be recorded with the city and we should have our keys between 3:30 and 4:30. We'll get a little time in the house before Cameron drives me to the airport for Lynde's bachelorette party. We're headed to San Diego for a weekend of girl fun and teh Dave Matthew's Concert.

The big move will take place next weekend. Until then, Cameron wants to seal the garage floor and fences. We also have someone coming to give us an estimate on sealing the grout and tile counters and floors Saturday, which we then hope can be completed before the big move. Also crossing our fingers that the blinds arrive and that we can get them installed before then as well. Luckily, almost everything here is boxed up, so we'll be ready for the movers and will be able to transport fragile and odd shaped items through out the week before.

I'll get the final photos up as soon as I get back from San Diego Sunday!


Aug 7, 2009

One Year and Still Going Strong

Cameron and I celebrated our 1-year Anniversary last weekend. He surprised me with a weekend getaway to Fort Bragg. He had told me a surprise would arrive mid-afternoon Friday. We had also been talking about going out to a nice dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Then Thursday morning after asking about a pair of pants that were in the ironing basket, Cameron asked me what I would be wearing for our dinner. Not too surprised, assumed he was just making sure he didn't need those pants or something else ironed to coordinate. But he then asked which shoes I would be wearing. I had too much on my mind at the moment to really think about it. It was during my washing dishes by hand that night after he had loaded the dishwasher that I thought about the shoe comment and realized he would only care about my shoes if he was packing for me. So by bed on Thursday I knew where we were going.

We packed up the corvette and headed to Fort Bragg around 3 pm Friday. We stopped in for a bathroom break at Granzella's in Williams before getting onto HWY 20. The place burnt down a few years ago. It was good to see the rebuild kept the same charm of the old building but improved areas that needed improving including a women's bathroom with several stalls and sinks versus 1.

On to HWY 20 and the winding road. Cameron sure had fun driving the vette on this road. We could have done without the crow that tried to attach the car along the way. On the way home we saw a crow limping on the side of the road - we like to think it was the same crow that got too close to another car. Of course, then on the way home a sparrow tried to attack the car as well! He would not have won that battle.

We stayed at the Pine Beach Inn that has access to a private beach. It was foggy when we arrived, but still light out, so we headed down and wandered a little bit, but our hungry tummies got to us soon after we hiked down there.

After a little perusing of the local magazine guides and Cameron on the computer, we settled on the North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg for dinner. Between the garlic waffle fries and beer battered onion rings, not to mention the burgers we had, we definitely had our share of grease that night. After dinner we stopped in at Safeway to grab our breakfast (two diet pepsis) and a bottle of champagne. We couldn't remember if our hotel room even had real glasses or plastic, so we also picked up some plastic glasses - they ended up being a better option than the hotel plastic glasses. So classy! We seem to find ourselves drinking champagne out of plastic cups when on vacation - guess its a tradition.

Saturday we headed to glass beach. We went to the wrong beach at first so we took a walk along the cliffs and enjoyed the scenery. Once we got to glass beach we began the beach combing. The poor beach has been picked through quite a bit as compared to previous visits years ago. Cameron had fun finding and playing in the tide pools as well. For lunch we headed into Mendocino, settling on Bayview Cafe which has gorgeous views of the ocean. After lunch we ended up shopping a little and purchasing a bottle of wine for Lynde, since she and Matt were watching Mel for us and a magnum of J champagne to be opened when we move into the new house. We also picked up a Christmas tree ornament. We have a tradition of getting a Christmas ornament any where we go on vacation that represents where we went. It makes decorating the tree that more enjoyable as we remember each trip together.

After an afternoon nap, we headed to The Cliff House for our special dinner and then drove up the coast for a little while before it got too dark. All in all we had a wonderful and relaxing few days away on the cool and foggy coast. Sunday we got up early and headed home. We didn't want to miss the BBQ at Matt & Lynde's. The Fosters came with their two dogs, Bella and Guinness as did the McGraths - between the four dogs and Kaley running around, it was pretty funny. And both families walked over to our house with us to see the progress.

We're only about a month out from getting our keys! We went by yesterday - tiling is started and cabinets are in! We can hardly wait!


Anniversary Trip to Fort Bragg, CA

Jul 22, 2009

House Update!

The week after the Jensen Family Reunion in Wyoming, Cameron and I received some great news - it was time for our frame walk through! On Friday July 10th, we made it out to the house, where the super walked us through all our electrical outlets, light switches and additional electrical items, like the gas stub for the BBQ and AMP for a future hot tub.

Then we were given our close date. And that's when things got interesting. We've always been told that closing was usually about 5 weeks from the frame walk through. Which would have put us at August 14. We looked at the 9/11 date and really didn't think too much of it - we initially thought it was a few days earlier then we expected. It wasn't until I said September 11 out loud that Cameron and I both realized that our close date was 9 weeks out! We quickly went back to the sales office to investigate. Even Cindy hadn't caught on to it. After some investigation on our part and Cindy's, the date is staying at September 11. We spoke with Matt & Lynde and they didn't close until 7 weeks after their frame walk through, and they have a one story house. And Cindy found out the delay is due to the cabinet makers. They've laid people off during the slowdown and while they are busier now, don't want to hire again in case another slowdown occurs.

We're actually just happy to have a close date. This works at pretty well for us, as most of our weekends are busy from here until September 19, which is when we would schedule movers. I'm headed to San Diego with Lynde on the actual close date, but Cameron would be able to use the weekend to get the backyard trenched and readied for cement. We're working on scheduling Comcast for now. once we get Comcast gets nailed down we'll be able to schedule movers and a landscaper for pouring the back porch the way we want it.

Until then, we're slowly packing. As the day its closer, we'll pack more.


Jul 15, 2009

July 4th

Cameron and I spent the July 4th holiday in Lander, Wyoming. Cameron was getting introduced to the rest of my mom's family, as the Jensens were getting together for a family reunion. This many of us haven't gotten together since my grandmother passed away in December 2004.

We arrived early July 2 in Salt Lake City. We then waited 2 hours in the baggage claim waiting for my parents to arrive. For some reason we thought they were coming in 10 minutes after us. Nope, that was our flights home. Once we secured the rental car onward to Lander - a 5 hour drive that took us 6 1/2 due to potty breaks, food breaks and road construction where the road became dirt.

Most of the family showed up Friday afternoon. Cameron, my dad, Uncle Chris and cousin Adam spent that day golfing, while my mom and I helped my Aunt Cynde prepare for the masses. Cameron and I stayed up late chatting with my cousin Brenda and her friends that came to see her, Laurie and T, who drove out from Modesto.

Of course, Saturday morning, and the 4th of July Lander parade came quickly. We met the family up on the roof top patio of Tony's Pizza on Main street. Perfect for watching the parade and launching water balloons. Just not a family reunion without them. After the parade, Cameron and I grabbed a quick lunch and a nap before the big family dinner and photos.

Sunday some family began to leave. Cameron and my dad played another round of golf with Chris and Adam, while those who weren't hitting the road just yet headed up to the Sinks. This is where the river disappears into a mountain and trickles through it before showing up on the other side, known as the Rise. The rise is also where huge Trout gather and kids can feed after puchasing a handful of fish food.

All in all it was a great trip, catching up with family and introducing Cameron to them. We don't get together often being that there are so many of us, but its a fun time when we do.

Jul 14, 2009

Annual Wine Trip

Whew...didn't realize its been so long since I blogged. And we've been busy. So to start where I left off.

The weekend after my 10 year reunion was our annual wine trip. So on Saturday, June 13, a group of our friends all met up at the Double Tree in Rohnert Park. We'd be touring the Russian River Valley for this year's trip. After some early check ins, we all climbed into the Limo and headed out.

First stop, Sunce. The staff there was really nice and let us taste bottles not on the tasting list but on sale in the tasting room. Ended up purchasing a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. We spent a bit of time here as one couple was late to meeting us at the hotel so they had to take a cab to meet up with us.

We then went to Hook & Ladder, where we enjoyed a couple different chardonnays and other white wines. The biggest hit with this location was the Fireman's Hot Sauce. We ended up with a bottle of one of the Chardonnays and a bottle of the hot sauce.

Next stop was Harvest Moon Winery. The owner actually conducted the tasting, along with his dog Charlotte Brown, a very sweet chocolate lab mix. This place featured many different reds, including Zinfandels. Cameron bought a more expensive Zin that the owner signed and told us to hold on to for another year before it would be perfect for consuming.

We then headed to one last winery. I don't remember the name - I just remember it was in a large barn and the tasting room was also the brew room and it was freezing in there. We did make one small purchase of Sun-dried tomato pesto, which was very yummy on some crackers. I spent most of the time at this winery in the limo or sun!

Since we still had the limo for another hour, though the wineries were closing, our limo driver took us to a general tasting room downtown. But nothing intrigued us there.

After some downtime, most of us regrouped for dinner. Some went bowling after that, while Cameron, Matt & I called it a night. Lynde had called it a night before dinner. We also all decided that in a few years our annual wine trip needs to take place in France or Italy. I wonder where we'll go next year?

Jun 10, 2009

10 Year High School Reunion

This past Saturday was my high school 10 year reunion. I can't believe its been 10 years, and then again I can. So much has changed from those days. It was wonderful to see the people that used to be so much a part of my every day life and to reconnect on some level. Most of us are married or engaged, some with kids. And it was great to meet those families and have them meet mine.

Cameron and I started the day earlier, heading up to Marysville to visit Grandma Betty. Before long we had to finish our journey, as I had a hair appointment with my long-time hairstylist, Martin. From there our plans fell through and we found ourselves with 3 hours before dinner with my old friends. So we did what only we could do - we headed to Sierra Nevada for a beer. Cameron got to try the new Harvest Ale, which is made from the hops grown on the Brewery property. I enjoyed a Crystal wheat.

We also got to catch up with Sara's parents Gwyneth and Alan. We hadn't seen them since Christmas so it was a nice visit but too short. I still can't believe their crazy dog Maggie is still trotting around - she's 16! She's definitely not as crazy as she once was.

Saturday ended late. We went to the bars after the reunion ended to get in just a little more time in with old friends. In other news, we found out last Friday that we are about 8 weeks from our house being completed! That means we may be moving in early August. How fun would it be for us to get our keys on our 1 year Anniversary! We'll see. Still have a lot of packing to do. Luckily I have another week off in July and my mom is coming that month as well and has said she can help a little too.

May 31, 2009


As I mentioned last time, Cameron and I headed to Tucson to see my parents over memorial day. I hadn't seen my parents since February and Cameron hadn't seen then since Christmas - this would be his first visit to the new house. We flew in late Thursday night. My parents picked us up at the airport. Their friends Betsy and Paul were kind enough to stay up for our arrival (they were also in town to visit my parents and had arrived the day before). Except for my dad who still had to go into work Friday, we all stayed up until 1 AM catching up (and getting to know each other).

Cameron had Friday off but I had some work to do. Luckily, I worked hard Thursday so I didn't have much. By noon, Mom, Cameron, Paul, Betsy and I were headed to the nearby town of Tubac to check out the local shops. It's a cute little town and once we're in the new house look forward to shopping for items to put into it. We came across one store full of area rugs. Not only were the rugs gorgeous, but the owner's dog was too. We fell in love with it! It's called a Rhodesian Ridgeback. This one was a cinnamon color with black muzzle. At only 2 years old, he was very docile but also quite friendly. Best way to describe him is regal. You can see him on their web site The owner said that all he does is run him in the morning and evening and he's quiet the rest of the day.

Saturday, Cameron's step-sister and niece drove from Phoenix to go to the Desert Museum with us. We arrived at the museum just in time to sit in and listen on a lecture about rattlesnakes and geliamonsters. This included these such animals on a table near the lecturer. Yes, they were alive. Every time that dahm rattlesnake rattled, I jumped. I did learn that the so-called rattlesnake vaccine for dogs is a hoax. The lecturer said it's not been proven in any clinical study to help and actually gives owners a false sense of stability. Always take your pet to the vet if bitten by a rattler. Good to know since we will be moving to rattlesnake country with the new house.

Saturday evening, my mom made all of us a delicious dinner. Sunday, the guys went golfing, while Mom, Betsy and myself spent the morning baking Cameron a chocolate cake for his birthday and then went shopping that afternoon. After a nice lamb roast dinner, we celebrated Cameron and my birthdays. Cameron definitely enjoyed his chocolate cake, too.

Monday it was off to the airport and back home. I had the week off due to furloughs, so I spent it trying to run again...I have a long way to go...and packing. I've got a good start on non-essential kitchen items and the hutch is completely packed up. I'll continue on with pictures and such as the next weeks go by. I have another furlough week the first week of July, so I'll get real serious on the packing then.

As for this weekend, Cameron and I have been dog-sitting for Matt & Lynde. We love Cody, but boy does she have energy. We took her on two walks yesterday and a very long one this morning, but the second we get home she's all wiggles all over again.

The pics above are from the Desert Museum.


May 27, 2009


After a long week plus of waiting, our house is finally on its way to being framed. Stayed tuned as I am sure we will have more pictures throughout the we went to Tucson for the long weekend to visit my parents, so pics and stories from that to tell as well.

May 16, 2009

What a Day

Today was a great day for Cameron and I. We originally planned on going to the Strawberry Festival in Galt today and the Auburn Home & Garden show tomorrow. Vicki had wanted to go to the Strawberry Festival as well, but had switched the day she had free and the day she had our niece's school carnival this weekend. After a quick phone call this morning things were cleared and we headed for the home and garden show in the early afternoon.

The first good thing was the show. We had a great time walking around and getting ideas, as well as talking to the various vendors to see what they offer. We found a great group of guys that focus on backyard needs - landscape, concrete and customer BBQ areas. Plus, they're willing to do what ever we don't want to do. We're very DIY (Do it Yourself) kind of people, but we know there are somethings we just don't have the time or energy to do.

The next good thing happened on our way home. We stopped at Ashley Furniture in Roseville, since we knew it was on the way home and we had seen an ad on TV mentioning a good sale this weekend. In the new house we know we'll need a new living room set. Our current set is about 20 years old and will go upstairs in the loft area. The second sofa we looked at and sat in was all we needed to test. It fits the theme we are going for in the new house (Tuscan), it was comfy and priced right. Looking a little further we found a complimentary kitchen table. Plus, Ashley let us pay for half of it today and when we're a month away from moving in we can pay the rest, it gets ordered then and delivered and set up at the new house! We walked away with a kitchen table, 4 chairs, sofa, love seat, char, automan, two side tables, coffee table and sofa table. This pics above shows most of these items.

Off to the Strawberry Festival tomorrow! Pool for now with Matt, Lynde and Cody.


May 14, 2009

A Solid Foundation...

Tuesday morning I awoke to a Facebook message from Lynde: "Yeah for the cement truck in front of your house!"

Cameron and I had an appointment with the builder at 4 that day to finalize some more options and upgrades. After the appointment we headed over to the lot. Sure enough, our foundation had been laid. Wood supposedly should have been delivered yesterday and the framework should get started by the end of this week.

We had Mel with us, so we took her out to see the foundation as well. The cows were near the fence this day, so we went over to have a look. To our surprise Mel got real excited and wanted to go play with the cows, sticking her nose through the barbed wire lines squares of the fence. She walked away scratch free. The cows weren't so sure about us or her.

As for other events in our lives, Saturday was the Race for The Cure. Thank you to every one who supported me and this great cause. Next year, please join me! Kim and I had a great time briskly walking the 3 mile route. Kim's daughter Kaley even took part, racing in the Kid's 50 meter dash. She enjoyed both times she ran :). With Sunday being Mother's Day we headed to Vicki's for a late lunch with the rest of the family, stopping in to see Grandma Betty and the Nagles on our way home. Always great to see everyone. I am looking forward to this weekend to sleep in, since last week and weekend lacked in that department between Kelsey's med schedule and plans. Luckily she's down to one med, two times a day and we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to administer it.

Looks like I'll come home to some real developments next week. Monday night I'm headed to Vegas for work, coming home Wednesday night. Thursday night we head to Tucson to visit my parents!


May 8, 2009

Kelsey Lou Comes Home

Today we received very good news...Kelsey got to come home. We thought Jake missed her...maybe we were wrong. Since Kelsey got home this afternoon, he has been hissing and growling at her. He won't even come within a few feet of her before running the other way.

And while it is great to have Kelsey home, the 4 medications that came home with her aren't as welcome. They require almost around the clock administering. Our evenings begin at 6 PM with one, 7 PM for another, 9 PM for another and the last at 10 PM. The first returns at midnight and 6 AM. Another requires a 6 AM and 2 PM doses. And one more at 7 AM. I know understand why the Vet Techs were so happy to see Kelsey go - she's not very open to the medicine either. I'm being patient and playing nurse. Poor little girl is very drugged out.

In other news, the next step to our house is pouring the foundation. Should be early next week.


May 7, 2009

Kelsey Lou at the Kitty Hospital

As you might have guess we've had a bit of excitement in the Cenedella household this week. Everything is fine now, but our little Kelsey Lou gave us a scare. We'd noticed recently that she had lost some weight, so we switched back to her old food and she seemed to be eating again. Then about a week ago she had an episode of vomiting. It was just two or three times and she seemed fine afterward.

Tuesday night she started the vomiting again. We had some Tri Tip, that we had been defrosting in the safety of the microwave, now on the counter, about ready to prepare for dinner. She threw up next to it so we assumed she had helped herself to the juices on the plate around it. Called the vet before they closed and they said she should be fine, but call in the morning if she continued to get worse. She did.

No one in our house got much sleep that night, as Kelsey was throwing up throughout it. 8:30 AM Wednesday we were at the vet. By this point she had thrown up what looked like Rafia and we suspected she had ingested more. After some X-Rays to check her intestines, they found her esophagus was 4x the size it should be - something foreign was lodged in there. She'd need to have an endoscope to see what it was and remove it. Off to the ER Vet, as this was the only place with the proper equipment.

We found out today during our visit that Kelsey has been eating my hairbands! That was the clog. She's still at the Vet as she needs to eat and drink before they will release her. Luckily, during our visit she did drink a little of the tuna juice we brought her and she was mainly back to her usual self. She even tried to eat the gauze around the IV on her foot, so she got coned while we were there. We're very glad she is ok, but she definitely has a road to full recovery. She is currently on pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds and antibiotices.

Hopefully she will be back home with us soon. Jake keeps looking for her. And I miss my little cuddle bug.


Apr 29, 2009

More House News and Other Random Updates...

Building a new house is a lot of fun - we're very excited to see our new home grow and to be able to put as much input into as we can. Yesterday we picked out the exterior colors, officially picked out the cabinet colors and went through any and all electrical changes/additions we might want. Only problem now is that we are just ready to have the house complete and be moving - and that unfortunately is still months away. Foundation will be poured next week, possibly Friday - the contruction crew just needs to go pick up the building permits from the city of Rancho Cordova.

We are eager to start packing but don't want to start too soon. I have a week off at the end of May and in July, so those will be great weeks to get some quality packing in, though I also want to use the time off to work on some craft projects. I have a few I would like to complete before we move. We'll see.

Some fun is to be had this weekend - instead of celebrating Cinco De Mayo, we're celebrating Dos de Mayo with friends on Saturday. Yeah! Tune in Monday to see the fun we will have had.


Apr 24, 2009

Design Center Visit

Our floor tiles, kicthen counters, bathroom counters, cabinets and carpet today. We had an appointment set for 2 PM. We arrived 20 minutes early and the design consultant, Pam, was still taking lunch so she had us look around. By the time she came back, we had it all picked out. We ran through some pricing before confirming our decisions. Check out the pictures to see!

We then headed over to see what changes had occured since Wednesday. Plumbing has gone in! Next week they will pour our foundation. With how quickly they are moving, there is a slight chance we will close at the end of July. We're both very excited.


Apr 23, 2009

2009 Komen Sacramento Race for the Cure

Just want to let you all know that I have signed up to participate in the 2009 Komen Sacramento Race for the Cure. On Saturday, May 9, I'll be joining my friend Kim and participate in the untimed 5K run/walk. I've always wanted to participate in this event and raise funds for Breast Cancer research and awareness. If you'd like to help this great cause, please visit my Race page here.

Any support is appreciated.


Apr 22, 2009

We’re Going Solar!

The Saturday night before Easter, Cameron came downstairs and declared that interest rates and rebates for buying a home right now were just too good to pass up. We needed to start house hunting again. Liking the idea, we decided we would head to Matt & Lynde’s for Easter Dinner early to check out some of the new homes in their area. Being Easter, their builder was closed. We checked another development a few miles away that was open and found a house within our price range that we liked. But we wanted to see some more first.

Monday, Cameron and I took the afternoon off and headed to Matt & Lynde’s builder, Woodside. There we found a home I loved – Cameron had seen it when he was house hunting last year, knew I would love it, but the price was too high then. Not any more. We sat down with the sales lady, Cindy, and priced out a new home with the upgrades we knew we would want. Still good. We went home to sleep on it.

Tuesday morning I called Cindy to set up an appointment to sign the paperwork. We had the desktop loan approval Wednesday. This Monday we met with the lender to complete the paperwork, the same day our lot was graded. Today, the lot has been trenched and the foundation frame built. Our new home should be completed mid- to late August! We’ll be living just two streets over from Matt & Lynde. We can currently see their house from our lot! Golf carts will be purchased for quick back and forth travel between the houses – though a 5 minute walk isn’t bad either.

Did I mention the house is solar? Yup! We’ll have solar tiles on one part of the roof, special insulation and windows. You can check out their photos of the model home here. Otherwise, watch our house grow as we update our Picasa web album.

Exciting, exciting!


Apr 9, 2009

We're Home!!!

We had a wonderful time in London for our honeymoon and have some great stories to tell, but after being home for almost a week and back to work full swing, I'm just not quite up to writing it all now. Stay tuned!

Mar 17, 2009

Just over a week to go…

Until our honeymoon! Now that I have last week behind me, I’m really starting to get exited and slowly beginning the process of packing. I can hear the laundry spinning in the dryer as we speak.

I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home Thursday night. Our VP of marketing let me go home a day early since half the department and office was taking Friday off any how. It was very nice to get home to Cameron and the kids, though staying with Alyssa was wonderful and made the time away fly by. Friday I was so tired I worked from bed the entire day.

Friday night we went with Matt & Lynde to see The Watchmen – I wish I could say it was good or bad, but my review is jaded by the fact that we missed the first 5 minutes to no sound for the movie and the next hour plus, dealing with stupid high school girls chit chatting over the movie. Lynde and I even got up to get an usher. He said he would stand at the back of the theater to listen for them. He didn’t stand there more than 30 seconds before he left! Lynde had shushed them a few times and I full on yelled at these girls, but to no avail. Luckily, they got bored and left.

Not much more than that happened. Saturday Cameron skydived and I got my hair colored and cut. Sunday, Lynde, Christina, Kim and I got together for lunch and some shopping. Since Pat was golfing with Cameron and the rest of the boys, we also got to see Kaley and Paige. Paige slept the entire time and Kaley had a ball hanging with the girls. From there I headed to the gym for some exercise. Alyssa and I only made it to the gym once last week, both of us busy with work and tired from work most evenings. If Cameron gets home soon, I’m sure we’ll both go tonight, like we did last night. We have to go before 5 PM or we’ll end up waiting an hour for a treadmill.

Ok, as promised, here are the photos of my closet clean up…

My new donation pile. I still need to record, fold and box this up, obviously.

My tub of skinny clothes. Yes, the clothes on top are meant to be in there too, but it’s too full, so I need to get another!

And my empty closet. The clothes on the top rack are Cameron’s. Oh, and he has the entire dresser now and clothes in his office closet!

Mar 10, 2009

Hello From The Bay

Hello all! I'm taking a break from work right now as I wanted to update you on my adventures from over the weekend. Things went as planned, for the most part. I did make it to the gym both Saturday and Sunday, walking incline intervals on the treadmill for an hour each trip. It felt great! Plus I went first thing both days which helped control my hunger each day - I am still feeling a decrease in appetite thanks to my long walks!

On Saturday, after the gym, I cleaned up and went out shopping while Cameron was in Davis jumping out of perfectly good airplanes for fun. I had a very successful trip to Old Navy, finding two pairs of work pants and a pair of jeans that will come in handy for London. I figured while I was shopping for clothes for work this week, I might as well look for some fun stuff to wear in London. I also found some fun brightly colored tops for both work and London. From there I headed to Target wear I found a few new clothes items, a cute new purse and a bin to store all my skinny clothes. It felt like ages since I have had a good shopping trip like this.

When I got home is when I got very industrious and took om the project of tackling my closet.

I went through every single piece of fabric I own in there (along with purses and belts), tried everything on and placed it (well, tossed or threw it are better ways to describe my actions) in one of four piles - keep in closet, store until I lose 10 pounds, trash, and donate. My store and donate piles were definitely the largest of the piles. I only had a few items so ratty that they had to be tossed and some old shirts were moved to the work out or sleep in only sections. Yes, I am that organized with my clothes and closet. It does look a bit bare now, but I feel good about my donation pile and I look forward to being reunited with the clothes I stored away once I lose some weight. Mom and Dad, you will be proud, I finally removed my ratty and holey Minnesota U sweatshirt. I didn't throw it away though - I'll probably save it for a quilt someday of all my memoriable clothes that needed to be retired. I think I wore this old sweatshirt of my dad's every day of junior high and I used to wear it on occassion to snuggle up in in front of the TV.

Next weekend I'll work on recording all the items within the donation pile and folding the items into boxes for easy transportation. Once I am home I'll take some pictures to show you just how empty my closet it, how many clothes have been stored and the size of the donation pile in its current state. I even got rid of enough clothes that Cameron has sole ownership of the dresser -up until Saturday, I had one drawer filled with tank tops.

Now to just keep the working out going. Luckily, Alyssa belongs to 24 Hour Fitness as well and is interested in going with me so we're going to try going tonight.


Mar 6, 2009

Hello Weekend

The weekend is almost here…well it is for me. I just finished up all the work I had to do for my job today, and it’s only 1 PM. I like to arrange my work week so that Friday is completed early. We don’t have any big plans this weekend. Cameron may go skydiving if his rig is ready. He had to have his Cyprus replaced. This is the device that pushes out his shoot at a certain altitude if he hasn’t done so already – good to have in case he can’t pull for some reason.

I think I’m going to do a little shopping. I need some new work pants and clothes as while I hate to admit it and I’m not proud of it, I’ve gained some weight. I’m working onsite all next week as my boss is on a Caribbean Cruise. Due a procedure I had in January, I wasn’t allowed to work out for 4 weeks and just never got back into anything after those 4 weeks were up. I’ve also been eating more than I should. Totally need to practice portion control. I definitely will try to get back to the gym this weekend. Other than that I the usual household chores to do and then my craft room/office is in need of clean up. All this is if I can tear myself away from my latest project.

I’ve once again started the project of repainting the dollhouse my grandfather built me when I was little. He had done the original painting and a few years ago I decided I wanted to re-paint it different colors. I also added an addition to the house as I had plans to work on the interior once the exterior was completed. I’m going with a Victorian-theme. I got pretty far with the exterior, but then I had to put the dollhouse away for one reason or another and then we moved from the Fremont apartment to the Fremont house. Now that I have restarted, I am changing the exterior colors, again. The fresh start makes it feel like a new project again.

I am looking forward to next week as I will be staying with my friend Alyssa. It will be nice to get some quality girl time in with her in the evenings and not be alone in a hotel room. I usually get a hotel room when I need to be there for 1 night, but 4 nights is a little much for me. Luckily, I will be able t help her out some, as her car needs to go in for repairs and I’ll be able fill in some while it is being fixed.

Feb 27, 2009

Of Honeymoons and Couch Potatoes

A month from today Cameron and I will be landing in London for our honeymoon! We booked the trip shortly after the holidays and I can hardly believe it’s only a month away. Originally we were looking at going to Maui, but during a night Cameron was experiencing insomnia, he checked the costs between Maui and London for the end of March. He found that we could travel and lodge in London at a 5-Star hotel for the same amount it would cost us to fly and lodge in Maui at a 3-star hotel and we would get to stay in London one night longer. So, after getting the time approved from our bosses, and my getting an updated passport, we are almost on our way!

By the way, I have never mentioned that I am officially Sarah London Cenedella. I changed my name with Social Security and the DMV back in December. Now the last official document reflects this change – my passport. Changing your name is a major pain – there are so many people you need to alert! I still haven’t finished the process with the smaller people that need to know. I dropped my original middle name Anne, as London has been more of who I am than Anne. I did of course ask my mom for permission, as Anne was the name of her favorite aunt and why I had been given that for my middle name.

We don’t have much planned this weekend, mainly relaxing and doing small tasks around the house. The most exciting thing that has happened to us in the last week is Melody’s new lounging place of choice. Wednesday night I was sitting in our living room on the step up to the front door as our little space heater is there and I was a bit cold. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Melody climb gingerly onto the couch, curl up and go to sleep. I could not help but laugh. And of course I called Cameron out to see. She has been up on the couch before but only when we have called her up to cuddle with us. Her getting on to the couch by herself is highly unusual. She proceeded to do this again last night when both Cameron and I were on the step. Luckily my camera was right there to catch our little couch potato!


Feb 23, 2009

Tucson: Day 4 & Valentine’s Day

My flight out of Tucson wasn’t until 4 PM, and given the small airport, and being able to check in online the night before, I didn’t need to be at the airport until around 3 PM, so I was able to spend a good chunk of time with the family Sunday morning.

The main reason my Aunt Laurinda and friend Dorothy had come during this time was because the annual Gem & Mineral show was taking place. This is quite the event in Tucson and lasts over a week. Vendors set up shop wherever they can, including hotel rooms, and vendor location are all over the city. We headed out mid-morning to see what all the fuss was about. What we saw was incredible – huge agates, priced wholesale into the thousands. And we only saw about 5% of the entire show. There were also vendors selling jewelry, beads, pearls, food, carpets and much more. When my parents got sidetracked looking at some rugs (they ended up purchasing 2 later that week, after the salesman let them take several home to test out in the house), I wandered on my own. I ended up getting this for Cameron, which I gave to him Valentine’s Morning:

It was pretty funny when I handed him the black plastic bag it was wrapped in by the vendor I purchased it from. Just by feeling it, he asked if I got him a rock. Here are some other pictures I took from the show. I had to take these on the sly – I watched other people get yelled at for taking pictures of the product.

I definitely want to go back next year, with Cameron in tow. As for Valentine’s Day…We had a nice evening with our friends Pat & Kim, their 2 month old Paige, and our friends Tui, Jeff & Matt. Lynde was in SoCal celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday. We cooked a nice dinner and actually sat around the kitchen table to eat. Anyone who knows us, knows we tend to eat at the coffee table watching TV, no matter who is over. Now that I have the table up, I am trying to change this when we have company. We had chocolate fondue for dessert, which was enjoyed around the coffee table watching TV J. Jake was ready for dinner long before our guests arrived.