Dec 16, 2008

The Dog Saga Continues

Well last week I finally got a hold of Animal Control, calling to follow up on the dog bite report I filed at the Emergency Room and to try and get the dog owners' contact info so I can alert them to the fact that they need to pay for the repairs on my ring. Low and behold, the ER never sent the report in - even though they are required by law. At this point the quarantine period for the dog would have been over, but animal control did send an officer out there to get a report started and verify the animal was still alive - it was. I also tried to get the ER to send in the original report - after talking to what seemed like 20 people in 5 minutes and being passed back and forth between medical records and the ER, I finally lashed out and got someone in medical records to look into it. Of course, nothing came of it.

We also couldn't get the contact info right away. The officer was supposed to alert them to the damages and ask if he could give the contact info to us or give our contact info to them. I have a message left for the officer today in hopes we can finally close that loop and start working with the dog owners on getting my ring fixed.

On top of all this, the jeweler misplaced my order and only started work on my rings last Tuesday when I called to follow up! That was two and a half weeks after the incident and when I left my ring with them. I just want my rings back and be done with this!

How are your holidays going?

Love always,