Nov 3, 2008

A Rainy Weekend Day

Saturday, November1 brought rain. Lots of it. In just one day the amount of rain that fell was twice the monthly average for November. And I soaked it all in – well, not the actual rain, but the excuse to stay in my PJs, do absolutely nothing but sleep in late and sit by a warm fire watching TV. Jake decided to join me for both activities. Cameron on the other hand, got up at 3:30 AM to go hunting. He was home by 1 PM, taking a little nap before starting the last of his Master’s Papers. Right now he is half way done with it and I am tempted to go get a bottle of champagne to celebrate the second he hits the send button on it. Before this weekend he had enough points in the class to get a B+ without completing the final paper. Of course, he would never not do it. Yeah! The end is here…almost.

Now, what was life like before Cameron started his masters?....

I'm sure we'll have fun remembering and inventing new things to do.

Love Always,

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