Nov 25, 2008

Of Dog Bites, Emergency Rooms and Jewelers

What a weekend we had. And it was supposed to be somewhat low-key. Saturday I had my friend Kim’s baby shower and Sunday I planned to clean the house, as I have been lazy since the surprise party. Then I remembered I had a hair appointment Saturday morning in Chico. Lynde headed up to Chico with me Friday night because Matt, Cameron and our friend Nick were taking over Lynde’s living room to set up central command for a full night of LOTRO (Lord of The Rings Online computer game).

Saturday morning I got up early for my hair appointment. I’m blonde again and so much happier to be back to normal. Then Lynde and I packed up the pasta salad my mom was so kind enough to make for the shower and we headed to Kim’s. We were about a ½ hour early when we turned onto Kim’s street.

Suddenly, Lynde yells for me to stop and can’t get out of the car fast enough. That’s when I see an older lady trying to keep a medium-sized black dog from attacking her little Boston Terrier who is tied up to her garage. She was not getting any where when Lynde intervened and Lynde called for me. Before I could think about what I was doing I was helping Lynde try to break up a full on dog mauling and now a small poodle had joined the fight. Next thing I know I see the black dog with its mouth around the poodle’s neck. I was not thinking and acting purely on adrenaline when I reached right in and tried to free the poodle from the teeth of the black dog. Whatever I did helped the poodle break free and run under a car. The black dog couldn’t get under the car but was trying, so Lynde started to kick it to get its focus off the little dogs. It was like it didn’t know humans were there at all. This worked and the dog ran off, right as its owner drove up. Lynde yelled at the lady until she got her dog securely in her car.

That’s when we noticed my left hand was pretty scratched up and bloody. I was also missing a nail – and I had just got my nails done Friday morning! The owner of the attacking dog assured me it had all its shots. The Boston Terrier had 2 pretty big bloody gashes on its body and we would learn after the shower that the poodle had a big gash on its back as well, but that both were expected to live, though they would be in the hospital for a night or two depending on if the wounds needed draining or not. Turns out the black dog just moved from the country where it was allowed plenty of space and killed rodents for fun. We all agree it probably thought the little dogs were rodents. It also turned out the attack dog lives next door to Kim and Pat and always gets out of the backyard.

We did make it to Kim’s shower. There I cleaned my wounds and took some Tylenol. There weren’t any deep wounds, just superficial scratches. I think Lynde and I were mainly just shaken up from the event. We soon calmed down and had a great time at the shower. From there we headed home instead of going shopping as we had planned. Cameron wanted to take me to the Urgent care that night but after talking with my dad, decided Sunday morning would be ok.

So Sunday we got up and headed to the ER, where they said I’d live and that I didn’t even need antibiotics. I filled out the required dog bite report, so I’m sure the attack dog is in quarantine for a few weeks and hopefully making the owners rethink how they take care of the dog in terms of securing it in their backyard. But Sunday is also when Cameron thought to look at my rings. From just what we could see without a jeweler’s tools, there was a deep scratch in the platinum of my engagement band and the setting looked dented near one of the emeralds. Cameron couldn’t confirm but he though one of the emeralds was cracked as well. Sunday evening Chico was holding its annual Christmas Preview in downtown so we headed up north in hopes the jeweler would be open for the event.

They were. Turns out one emerald does need to be replaced and they needed to examine the other more closely to decide if a scratch on it could be smoothed off or if it was too deep and needed to be replaced as well. They didn’t initially see anything on my wedding band but wanted to keep it for closer observation during normal working hours. We’ll know the full extent of damage in a week or so. I’m bummed because I won’t be able to show my family my wedding band now when we head to Minnesota on Thursday for Thanksgiving and my grandma’s 90th birthday bash. I guess they’ll have to wait until our next visit.

I sure hope I don’t see anything like I did Saturday ever again.

Love Always,

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