Nov 11, 2008

He’s Done!

Its official, Cameron has completed his Master’s, earning an A in his last class and finishing with a GPA of 3.6! It was official at about 8:30 PM last Monday. I had told Cameron to let me know when he was 50% complete with his final paper that night so I could go out and get a bottle of champagne to celebrate. At 7:30 he was 50% done – just an hour later he was finished – the champagne wasn’t even cool yet. The last week has been a little odd, with both of us waiting for him to go up to his office after dinner to work on school work. We still haven’t remembered exactly what we used to do in the evenings before Grad School – roaming malls rings a bell, except we don’t have a mall to roam in Elk Grove. It’s supposed to be built in 2010.

Cameron is cooking more often again. Thursday night he made yummy Turkey melts. Friday we went to Matt & Lynde’s where Cameron made a delicious pork loin marinated in Italian Dressing, along with Red Garlic mashed potatoes, and lemon butter and almond green beans.

Saturday was when the fun started. Matt, Lynde and I have been planning a surprise graduation party for Cameron since he started his last class. Saturday Cameron headed out to hang out with Matt while Lynde and I ran around getting everything ready for the party. I had ordered a cake from cakes by Nancy who did our wedding cakes, which my parents were kind enought to pick up on their way down for the party. We also had some delicious tri-tip supplied and cooked by our Friends Greg & Mackenzie. Of course, my husband is too smart for his own good and figured out weeks ago that something was up, but he was still very happy we planned a celebration and was very touched by all the friends and family that came for the celebration.

Other than that, life has been pretty laid back, minus a little re-arranging. We finally got rid of the spare bed so I now have my craft room! And it is now my office too. After some thought, measurements, graph paper scaled-down cut outs and many arrangements on graph paper, I figured out how to arrange the room so I would be able to have my work desk and a table for crafting in the room while still having space on the floor for spreading out or blowing up an air-mattress for guests. It’s a little cramped, but it’s all mine too!

Well, it will be Friday. We have a guest right now. While my parents vacation in Tucson this week, Cameron and I are looking after their cat, Mocha. Because she is not used to being around other animals and used to having her own space, we figured my craft room would be a good place to give her a place of her own. To her displeasure, Jake has decided he needs to be near me when I am working and has taken over Mocha’s bed today. Therefore, she’s spent some time in the closet, being a scaredy cat. Before Jake came in she was happily purring on my lap.

We are now looking forward to Turkey Day. We'll be flying to Minnesota the day of Thanksgiving and eating Turkey with the extended family on Black Friday. That Saturday is my grandma's 90th Birthday bash. I can hardly wait!
Love Always,

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