Oct 27, 2008

To catch you up on what we’ve been up to…Part 1

Two Saturdays ago was our nephew Connor’s 4th Birthday party. He would turn 4 that next Monday. We headed up to Yuba City mid-morning to meet the family at a park for the festivities. The kids got to make paper planes, decorate mini-pumpkins and play on the playground equipment. Connor also got a real scooter so we watched as he learned the different between a real scooter and his previous Playschool scooter. Before we left, I did see Connor use his foot to slow down and stop versus the previous method of just jumping off and watching the scooter continue on its way.

From the party we headed up to Chico, first stopping in to see Grandma Betty. We really hadn’t seen her since the wedding so it was good to stop in and catch up. Sunday, Cameron and his buddy Dave were planning to go hunting, so Saturday night Cameron and I went out to Little Dry Creek to put his and Dave’s names in for a draw for Sunday’s hunting spots. Dave was out at a location in Delavan doing the same. Little Dry Creek turned up to be a bad draw, but luckily they got a good draw out at Delavan. Cameron got up early Sunday to meet up with Dave while I hung out at my parents house by myself – they were kind enough to let us stay at their home while on vacation. In return, we fed their cat, Mocha and tried to give her some attention. She’s not much of a fan of any one giving her attention besides my parents. Cameron and Dave would come back with 2 small ducks.

We headed back up to Chico Tuesday night as Dave and Cameron had another hunting trip scheduled for Wednesday. This time my parents were home, so we were able to get caught up with them that night. It was work as usual for me on Wednesday while Cameron took the day off to hunt. He ended up with two ducks and a goose (I think) while Dave got two ducks, otherwise Dave got 3 ducks and Cameron got a duck and the goose. All in all, a decent haul as the duck and goose breasts are beginning to pile up in the freezer, and the season has barely begun. I can only imagine how much more we will end up once Cameron finished school and has a lot more free time on his hands.

Most week and weekend nights are still spent with Cameron working on homework, but the end is quite near. After tonight, he has only a week and one final paper to go. It’s easy to imagine what our weekend plans for this weekend will be.

I’ll catch you all up on this last weekend tomorrow.

Love Always,

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