Oct 10, 2008

Go Sharks!

Hockey season is officially underway! Last night the Sharks won their season opener against their rival, the Anaheim Ducks 4-1. A great start for new head coach, Todd McLellan, who comes off of a Stanley Cup win last year as an assistant coach with the Detroit Red Wings. You can see a difference with the Sharks already - they're definitely more aggressive.

Cameron and I were lucky enough to catch parts of the game last night. Unfortunately, we missed Cheechoo's two goals in the second period due to our DVR schedule.

We became Sharks fans while we lived in Fremont. When Cameron was at Synnex, he was lucky enough to win tickets every so often, and we would get to watch the games from the rafters in one of the private suites. After Cameron left Synnex, we didn't go much until playoffs last year. Our friend Pat was fortunate to win tickets through his work and was kind enough to take us to two amazing playoff games. Being able to go to the games on a whim will be one reason we will miss the Bay Area - we'll have to adjust watching games on TV, but it's just not the same as seeing it all live. Guess we'll have to plan to go to a few games over the season on weekends.
Go Sharks!

Love Always,


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