Oct 13, 2008


Just as the weather is changing, I decided it was time for a change of my own. Cameron recently mentioned that he was curious what I would look like with brown hair. I’ve never been one to be afraid of taking chances with my hair, as I can always change it back or it will grow back, so I agreed that I would give brown a try. I also was tired of how long my hair had grown in anticipation of the wedding, so on a recent weekend I made the trek up to Chico to see Martin and make some changes to my hair. What do you think?

Before: Blonde and long

After: Brown and short

Cameron and everyone else that has seen it, likes it a lot. Initially, I was in shock and did notice how blue my eyes looked. But as time has gone by and even as the color has lightened up, I’ve decided Brown is not for me. I was so worried Cameron would not like it I never stopped to think if I would like it, and it turns out I don’t. I’m just not feeling the brunette in me – it makes me feel old and I’m not ready to be as old as it makes me feel. So I will be returning to blonde the next time I see Martin – which isn’t until Thanksgiving.

Love always,


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