Sep 15, 2008

Roofing and Crafting

This past weekend started early Saturday morning. I don’t even remember hearing the alarm going off – just Cameron nudging me and asking me if I was going to get up. While I didn’t want to, we had promised to head up to Biggs so Cameron could help Joe re-roof the shed on the property.

Since we are still experiencing the heat of summer (although, it has cooled down a little) this project needed to be addressed in the morning hours.

After arriving in Biggs and saying hello, I drove up to Chico. My mom had informed me that some more wedding presents had arrived earlier that week and Cameron and I were out of our Popcorn special ingredient, Nutritional Yeast, so I needed to make a trip up to Chico any way. I figured it would be good to go while Cameron was busy with the roofing project, and since my dad is in New Orleans, I could keep my mom company for a little while. After arriving at my parents’ house, and talking with my mom for a little while I made my way back to bed for a little nap – it hadn’t helped we stayed up late Friday night. I did some picture scanning after I got up before my mom and I headed into town for lunch and the yeast. We had a lovely lunch at Tres Hombres, minus the fact that the waitress forgot to bring us our drinks after taking our order.

During lunch, Cameron called to say they were done for the day, so after getting the yeast, I dropped my mom off and headed back to Biggs. We headed home shortly after that and spent the rest of the day watching USC trample Ohio State in football. It wasn’t until about 10 PM that we realized we hadn’t had dinner and were hungry. The problem was we hadn’t been to the grocery store in ages and had eaten everything in our house. So we buckled down and went to Safeway Saturday night to load up on groceries. It was actually quite nice going at this time. Hardly any one was there so getting around the store with a loaded, heavy cart was a breeze. Of course, we were then too tired and hungry to go home and cook so we made a stop at Jack in The Box on the way home. A for effort right? And we now have a house full of food.

Sunday found us lounging around. Cameron made a delicious slow-cooker roast for dinner that filled our house with yummy flavors all afternoon. While Cameron worked on homework, I worked more on his quilt and caught up on Days of Our Lives recordings. I think I had about 15 episodes to watch and now have about 6 before getting caught up. We watched a couple of movies when Cameron took breaks from homework. We first watch 3:10 to Yuma. We liked it but didn’t love it – some of it needs to be sent to MythBusters to bust all the special effects and the ending had us scratching our heads some. We also watched Any Given Sunday, since I had never seen it. Cameron said its not all that far fetched from NFL reality – I wouldn’t pay someone to be part of that world if that’s the case. But I did like the movie.

Next weekend we’re headed up to Tahoe to visit Cameron’s grandparents.

Love always,

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