Sep 22, 2008

A Lazy Weekend in Tahoe

As mentioned before, Cameron and I headed up to Tahoe this last weekend for a visit with his grandparents. The reason for visiting so soon after our last visit was because his Granddad recently fell off the roof onto his deck while building a cover for part of the deck. He suffered what we thought was only 1 broken rib but after being in pain all week, Cameron’s Aunt Cindy insisted he go back in. Either the pain meds weren’t strong enough or there was something more to his injuries. Turns out he suffered 7 broken ribs. After learning this new information, I’d say he’s doing pretty well for the pain I can only imagine he is feeling.

Cameron’s grandmother doesn’t drive any longer so the family has been rotating visits to help out with minor things like grocery shopping. Aunt Cindy had been up in Tahoe since Wednesday so she headed home Saturday morning. It was nice to see her for a little bit and catch up, as we didn’t get to spend too much time with her at the wedding.

Vicki and Joe came up Friday night as well. We all spent the weekend relaxing together for the most part, with a trip to the grocery store included. We brought Melody along, so it was somewhat entertaining to see her react to Cameron’s grandmother’s little dog Jeb. He was a bit too high energy for our Mel, but she did alert us all when a neighbor's Black Lab wandered into the yard.

We headed home mid-day Sunday so Cameron could get some homework done. He finishes work on his current class tonight and starts his final class Tuesday! I can’t believe he’s almost done!

Love Always,

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