Sep 10, 2008

Labor Day Weekend – No Labor Necessary

Saturday of Labor Day weekend was my mom’s birthday. Since she wasn’t able to attend the spa day the day before the wedding, I invited her and my dad down for the day and evening so that I could treat her to a manicure and pedicure, and we could all go out to dinner to celebrate.

We had a lovely time sipping mimosas, being pampered and gossiping with Stacie, my nail tech. Cameron and my dad stayed at home during the spa visit and enjoyed the first day of college football. Summer must be over if Football season is officially back!

My parents’ visit couldn’t have been timed more perfectly, either. On Thursday I had called to see if our wedding picture proofs were ready. They were! My mom was kind enough to pick them up on Friday and brought them with her Saturday, along with the last of our wedding gifts and my dried bouquet. This is my favorite picture!

(Photo Courtesy A. Stanwood Photography)

After an afternoon of pampering, all four of us piled into the car to go down to Old Town Sac. Gold Rush Days were taking place, so we were curious to see what exactly this entailed and what 200 tons of dirt looked like on the streets. It was pretty cool. There were volunteers dressed in period costumes and they had demonstrations and reenactments staged throughout the streets. I could have done with a little less of the gun shots during the Jesse James reenactment, but I guess that was how it was back in the day.

The old stage coach from Wells Fargo was pretty cool to see, and must be of some value as it was guarded closely at all times.

We also saw people in period costumes playing period instruments and music. Not bad, either.

There were all kinds of different carts/wagons placed along the roads as well. Horse-drawn carriages were available for rides around Old Town, which is actually a daily occurrence, but on this day, I definitely wanted to pass. With the dirt and the wind that had picked up that day, it was dusty! I don’t think I would have enjoyed living during this time period, especially when the wind storms came through. Can you imagine March and October back then?

Since it was close to dinner, we wandered Old Sac for what looked like a good restaurant. We finally settled on the Rio City Café, which was nice, except for the party boat that was blaring music prior to its departure. A couple was getting married on the Delta King Riverboat, so we got to see the flowers arrive for their reception and the Bride and Groom take some pictures before joining the reception. Watching the bride having to pick up her dress to walk made me even happier I chose a short dress for our wedding. Too much work!

My parents left early Sunday and we spent the day being lazy, which was wonderful! We met Matt & Lynde for dinner at the Bamboo Inn. Over dinner we got on the subject of Disney movies, followed by the movie Aladdin. It sounded so good, that Lynde and I drove home to put the leftovers in the fridge while the boys picked up some beverages. Then we all watch Aladdin over Champagne (Lynde and Myself) and mixed drinks (Matt & Cameron). Matt and Lynde crashed at our place for the night but left early after one of our neighbors was kind enough to start their Labor Day construction project at 8 AM! We spent the day being lazy again, though Cameron did work hard on school work throughout it, and met back up with Matt & Lynde at their house for a BBQ chicken dinner. Looking back, we’re all shocked no one had a Labor Day BBQ party this year. Oh well, maybe next year.

Love Always,

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