Sep 18, 2008

Good-Bye Lazy Days of Summer – Hello Lazy Days of Fall

While Labor Day may have signaled the end of summer, the lazy days we sometimes associate with summer, have not left our house. Below are pictures I’ve taken over the summer. They reflect everyday life in our house. Wish I could lounge around all day snoozing away.

The animals seem to be enjoying the new house and the new schedules pretty well. While the fence in the backyard has been fixed, Melody still gets to be indoors most days and can be found next to Cameron’s chair when he’s in the office or next to my chair while I work and Cameron’s not home. She’s never far from one of us. Unfortunately, the second I try to take a picture of our lazy dog, she gets up.

Mornings Kelsey sleeps on her director’s chair, then works her way down to the floor and eventually into the cat toy basket.

Jake starts his days off on one of the wicker chairs to the small glass table in the kitchen area and works his way to the floor, often sunning himself when all the rest of us seek refuge in cooler rooms in the house. I’ll be making some curtains for that glass window soon.

Love Always,

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