Sep 12, 2008

Earplugs Please

Last weekend Cameron and I checked Melody into the PetsHotel and headed up to Reno. Cabela’s was holding the Waterfowl Classic which included the Western Region Duck and Goose calling something or other contest. Basically, people could enter, attempt their best goose and duck calls and try to get to the next round. When we got in on Friday night our friends Jason and Dave were no where to be found. Since we couldn’t reach them by phone, we had dinner at Boomtown before continuing on our way to Incline Village to Cameron’s grandparents house where we would spend the night.

We got in a little late for his grandparents so we all caught up over breakfast the next morning before Cameron and I headed back to Reno. Jason and Dave were manning the High Desert Waterfowl raffle table, which was so wonderfully located next to the calling contest tent. The calling didn’t bother me too much that day – it was tolerable and the cute black lab puppies being carried around were a great distraction for me. I did all I could to not pet the puppies or I might have bought one myself, they were so cute.

We walked around Cabela’s or hung out at the booth most of the day. Cameron also entered the raffle and bought a new hunting rifle - he’s wanted a new one for a couple of years now. Dave and Jason had plans that evening with the High Desert club so Cameron and I headed into Reno for the night. We had plans to play some Roulette after dinner, but we only ended up trying our luck at Keno. We did overindulge ourselves at the El Dorado buffet – which explains why we were too tired to make it to the Roulette tables or slot machines. Cameron also had some school work to complete, which also required us to turn in early.

Sunday morning we headed back to Cabela’s. Cameron wanted to be present to win during the raffle drawings. The guys decided I was the best person to conduct the actual drawings. I first picked out 27 tickets for the on-hand, present to win raffle prizes. Cameron got lucky there – he won a camping starter kit and a new rifle bag, perfect for the new rifle. Then I drew the 5 grand prize winners from a different barrel that had slips of paper filled out by the entrants. I promise, I had my head turned opposite the barrel when I drew Cameron as the Grand grand prize winner – and the fourth! There were 6 grand prizes which consisted of 5 hunting trip packages and a camo rifle. Being the first to be drawn for these prizes, Cameron gets to chose one from all of these prizes and then gets to chose from what’s left after the second and third grand prize winners make their choices. I believe his first choice was a hunting trip for two in Canada. From what the guys think will be left at the end, Cameron will likely select a Nevada Swan hunt for his second selection.

I had had it after only 10 minutes into the Goose calling contests on Sunday. Jason had Dave purchase a jar of ear plugs pretty soon after the calls started, and while those did help, I don’t think I’ll want to go to another contest any time real soon! Cameron has been kind enough to not practice on the free call he received over the weekend, so far. We made it back home late Sunday afternoon. Cameron had more homework to complete so I busied myself with my craft projects after picking Melody up from the hotel.

Love Always,

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