Sep 23, 2008

A Christmas Blog

Okay, so I know any one reading this must be rolling their eyes at the site of the word Christmas, but any one who knows me knows Christmas is my favorite Holiday, much to the chagrin of Cameron. I’m one of those people who buys their Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and has the house in full decoration within the week after Turkey Day.

Over the last few years, Christmas has also meant craft overload for me – My mom and I purposely set out to develop one Christmas gift idea that most of our family and friends will enjoy and try to incorporate as many homemade gifts as possible.

The reason for even bringing up the word Christmas and my post today is to share with you all a blog I have recently been turned on to – 100 Days to Christmas Blog. I don’t remember how I found it, but so far I love it. It sets out to provide you with a daily dose of inspiration and motivation to help you get ahead, then relax through the busy holiday season. Don’t we all look back on the holiday season and wish we had been more organized and relaxed?

The first few blog entries get you started on planning – who you’re going to but gifts for, budgets for gifts, decorations, entertaining. But some of the more recent posts have also focused on the changing of the season. Sunday’s post instructed you to get out your Fall Décor – not your Halloween décor quite yet, just the fall décor. I did this by fishing out my Pumpkin spiced candles and burning them to fill the house with yummy smells. Digging in my candle box, I also found my miniature wine glass candle. I burned it ages ago and had then used it as a Tea light holder. Well I cleaned it out and it is now Jake’s special little wine glass – now maybe he won’t attack mine or my mom’s when she’s visiting!

Yesterday’s post challenged readers to make a Fall memory – jump in a pile of leaves, go for a stroll, make a winter fave food. I took the task to heart, and after a quick call to my mom for the recipe (mine is some where in the garage I think) I set out to make Easy Chili. I had to go to the grocery store for a few of the ingredients and while there I picked up some Fall colored flowers and created this little arrangement.

Cameron and I both ate way too much of the Chili, but loved it and he also liked the flower arrangement. For any one looking for a little Christmas encouragement and daily inspiration, I highly suggest checking out this blog. I also recommend starting at Day 1. Each day’s challenge is pretty short so you could be caught up by this weekend. And I’ll keep this blog updated on my favorite challenges.

Love Always,

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