Aug 22, 2008

A Trip To The Vet

Today, all 3 kids had appointments with the vet and I was on my own on taking them. Cameron had a previously schedule client meeting - lucky duck! Jake and Kelsey were scheduled for normal check-ups and one vaccine. Mel, on the other hand, had her check-up in July since she had a little cut we wanted to checked out at that time, so this trip was for a sore that had developed on her chin in the last week. All the vet techs thought I was brave for bringing all 3 in at one time, but for me it just makes sense - better to go in all at once than one at a time. The cats make it easy since they prefer being in the same crate for travels. And this way they see they all have to go through it, and that they are not being singled out all the time. Not that they probably remember one trip to the next.

Melody's Progress Report

Melody was nervous the second we walked through the door and was ready to leave at that moment, too. The last visit didn't go so well for her and she had snapped and growled at the vet. We had a different vet this time so I quickly informed her she would want to put a muzzle on Mel before getting acquainted. We muzzled her and Mel did ok. She still preferred to look at the door but she never growled and she even walked near the vet after she was all done. Mel's sore is healing nicely. The vet thought it might have been a bug bite or irritation from a new plant. If it comes back we're to take her back in for a biopsy.

Jake's Progress Report

Jake was my trouble maker today - and he's usually the docile one. He was hissing and growling the second he came out of the crate. He was so bad that the vet wasn't able to check his teeth to see how they were doing. I had to scruff him so she could administer the vaccine. He has been upset with me ever since we got home. I'm sure he'll warm up to me the next time I pour myself a glass of wine - likely later tonight.

Kelsey's Progress Report

Kelsey was the surprise of the day. While she hissed at me when I put her in the crate to leave for the vet, and she didn't want to come out when we did get to the vet, she was mostly well behaved for her check up - she's drawn blood in past visits and she's usually the one to hiss, growl. Kelsey is a little overweight, but she's been this weight for a year so she's not gaining more and more, so she does not need to go on a diet. She's just a little plump and as long as she doesn't gain any more, she can stay that way. Kelsey also had a spot on her chin I was concerned about. It loooked like a scab or flea eggs and just wouldn't go away. I kept telling myself that it shouldn't be fleas, since all the kids get flea medicine once a month religiously. Turns out Kelsey has kitty acne, just like the pimples we get, it just looks yucky. Some can get larger and ooze puss. Sound familiar? Turns out I can easily clean it up with Hydogen Peroxide. I'll try that later, when Kelsey is a little more happy with me. She's been ok with me since the trip back home this morning, but she's still a little suspecting of me.
Kelsey did a-ok with the check up and vaccine. She does have the beginnings of dental disease, so we'll have to schedule her for a cleaning in the next 6-12 months. Mel needs a cleaning too, so we'll schedule them together. We're in debate on whether we have Jake taken care of at that time, too, since the vet couldn't check his teeth and a cleaning would be a good idea in case. It will be a expense so we're going to wait until February when the vet has a special on the cleaning and we may wait to have Jake's done next August when the next special will take place. Yea - more trips to the vet! Can you sense my sarcasm? Ahh the joys of motherhood.

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