Aug 11, 2008

Life Back to Normal

Life seems to be back to normal, which I have to say is a welcoming feeling. While Cameron and I both enjoyed the planning and execution of our wedding, it was all-consuming at times, especially at the end. As the wedding date neared, I did start to feel sad that the planning was ending and the day would soon be here and gone, but now that’s it’s gone, I can focus on other things and relax completely – no more wedding to-dos floating in the back of my mind or feeling guilty if I want an evening off from everything and just veg in front of the TV.

This past weekend was spent getting the house organized, unpacking and putting away wedding gifts and packing up all that the gifts are replacing. My mom arrived around 8 AM Saturday morning after dropping my Aunt Laurinda off at the airport. We both ended up snoozing a little more until a pesky salesman came knocking. Definitely need to go get a No Soliciting sign at Target soon. Other than that, we ran a few errands – we never thought finding a pumice stone to remove toilet bowl rings would be so hard! Turns out the grocery store is your best bet – we learned this after searching at both Target and Linens N Things. The water is pretty hard here so those pesky rings appear quite quickly.

We also stopped by my favorite home store, Home Goods, and found a cute little bed side table for our guest room.

Both my parents would be staying with us that night as they had another wedding to go to in Lincoln. This meant I needed to get the guest room in some kind of shape. I did pretty well too, if I can say so.

There’s still a little shelf unit I need to move in there from the garage and boxes to unpack, but at least my parents could walk in there and sleep after an hours of cleaning. Before the bed had been stacked with the boxes and there was cat toys and beds on the floor. I also want to go back to Home Goods and get another one of the little tables. It just works so well with the room and bedding now.

My parents had a lovely time at the wedding that night, but they had to admit when they got home, they are glad to be done with weddings for the season. We all had a lovely breakfast on Sunday at Mimi’s CafĂ©. Then my parents headed home. Cameron and I proceeded to take a well-deserved nap before heading to Old Sac and Evangeline’s Costume Shop. Our friend Tui is having a 70’s themed birthday party in October and she suggested the shop for outfits. We didn’t find anything yesterday, but I’m sure we’ll find something in time for the party. We then walked over to the K Street Mall and caught a showing of The Dark Knight. While it was a well-done movie, we think the hype we have heard about it made us expect more, and we both found it to be a little long.

Love Always,


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