Aug 27, 2008

A Huge Load Off

Cameron and I spent another weekend at home – hurray! The weekend started a little early – Friday afternoon. Cameron went golfing with Matt, while I finished my work up for the week from the great comfort of our bed. I had been in Sunnyvale the day before for a meeting that ran from 10:30 AM straight through to 4:30 PM. That, combined with the visit to the vet Friday morning, left me wiped and since we have wireless throughout the house, I was able to work just as I would have downstairs at my desk, but from bed. I returned to my desk, business as usual, Monday.

After golf, Matt and Lynde came over. We all walked the 1 ½ blocks to the Old Spaghetti Factory for a nice dinner and then Lynde and I had our champagne Friday watching What Not to Wear on TLC, while the boys messed around on the computer and watched Lord of the Rings on the other TV.

We slept in as late as we could Saturday, but by 10 AM, Cameron was at the computer doing school work and I was cleaning the house and packing up more donateable goods in anticipation of Vicki and Joe coming down to take a load of donations away from us for a yard sale. By that evening, I was exhausted and had only managed to get to the top of the stairs in my cleaning adventures. I do have to say, it’s been a joy vacuuming since we got the Dyson from my aunt and cousins as a wedding gift – it definitely picks up everything the other didn’t. I kept having to empty it every few minutes, it’s so powerful..

Sunday, Cameron got up and went skydiving for the day, while I continued to clean. I didn’t get too far, just our bedroom and the hallway, but I did get a lot more items packed up for donations. We now have an actual hallway, not a second storage room, yea!

Vicki, Joe, Carrie and Connor all came down around dinner time, which was shortly after Cameron came home from skydiving. We headed over to the Macaroni Grill for a nice dinner before loading up Vicki & Joe’s truck sky high. We got all the donation boxes and half the furniture in! Sadly, the difference from before and after this load is not as much as we had hoped. Now we can walk on either side of the Camaro to get around in the garage, where as before, we only had a small path on one side. Still, we have a lot of crap and a lot more to get rid off.

My next cleaning project is the spare bedroom/my craft room, which is already underway. Once that room is done, and it cools down some, we’ll focus on the garage more. I’m finally feeling close to being settled here, which means I’m closer to focusing on all the craft projects I’ve been meaning to work on, but had delayed in preparation for the move and wedding. I expect to have the spare room pulled together by this weekend, so I may be crafting as early as Sunday or Monday – and Monday is a holiday!

Love Always,

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