Aug 28, 2008


I love my husband! He recently came up with an idea that mainly benefits me. Ok, so he doesn’t have to deal with me spreading all my craft supplies and projects around the house once the plan goes into action or dealing with me stressing about cleaning the house as much as I used to when company is expected, but still, I believe he had my best interests at heart when he thought of this.

See, since we moved, and really before we moved, Cameron owned the Office room. In Fremont, I had a desk in the office and piles of stuff on it, but my computer had been ransacked for its keyboard and unplugged from the internet to accommodate his personal laptop for school, his desktop for gaming and his work laptop. Plus, I felt I couldn’t go in there and do anything when he was working on school work at night or over weekends that we were actually home. Once we moved, my desk was moved downstairs to the kitchen area. Where we should have a dining table, I have a small space for my work office, but obviously, this isn’t a place to set up shop for my crafts. Plus, we still have bags upon bags of wedding gift packaging to rid ourselves of, as you can see.

My desk and the bags of trash that have piled up even more!

I think Jake will miss his new Fort when we do get rid of the bags.

Back in Fremont, after Cameron took over the office, I moved most of my craft supplies into the spare room, but with the bed as big as it is and the room as small as it was, there just wasn’t room to spread out, so I shuttled what I did and didn’t need from the spare room to the living room. This definitely added to the mess I would inevitably be cleaning over the weekend or when guests were expected. The situation was turning out to be the same here, but our living room is not nearly as big so my spreading out causes some obstacle courses and I have gone around saying “ow” a few too many times from tripping over stuff when such courses exist.

Melody likes to sleep where we would prefer to walk.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve started the task at hand of organizing and cleaning the spare room. The other night, as I was cleaning, Cameron came in. We’ve been in discussions of getting a small dumpster to help rid us of stuff that is no longer usable and not in donateable condition. This discussion was affirmed once we talked to our landlord who agreed the refrigerator she supplied us is not in good shape (we either get frozen lettuce or warm sodas) and it would be ok to toss it in the dumpster since we have our fridge from Fremont to replace it with. The last tenants begged her to let them leave the fridge, but she would prefer to not be responsible for maintaining a fridge any way, so all sides are pleased.

Here was Cameron’s thought process that night – the bed in the spare room is bulky and takes up space to supply our guests, that stay infrequently and for short periods of times, a place to sleep. The box spring of the bed has been a victim of kitty scratching to the point where our cats can now walk into the box spring on one end and exit at the other. Plus, it makes too great of a hiding place for them when they are in trouble or need to go to the vet. You can imagine the struggles we have when they plop down right in the middle and out of arm’s reach. One corner of the mattress is also a victim of cat scratching and is losing stuffing. We have managed to keep them from scratching our bed using a spray called Feliway. The cats can’t stand the smell of it when it is sprayed (neither can I so if you want to use it spray when you don’t need to be in the room for a while) and it usually takes 6 months after a good spray to have one of them even attempt to scratch the sprayed piece of furniture. We’ve only used it once on the leather couch and never once had a cat try to scratch that.

Any way, back to Cameron’s big idea. Since we were going to be getting the dumpster, why didn’t we just say goodbye to the bed? My parents had gotten a great Queen-sized air mattress to set up in my mom’s craft room for out-of-town wedding guests, which worked great. The mattress sits up about 2 feet, almost higher than the current bed does now. We could invest in one of these air mattresses for our guests to replace the bulky bed and only blow it up when guests are in town. This way I would have all that space plus the few paths around the bed to lay out what ever project or projects I want to work on and only clean up after myself when guests were coming to town to stay – otherwise I can just close the door, and then I would truly have my craft room.

How could I not agree to such a perfect and thoughtful plan? I will finally have a room for myself like Cameron does with his office. Now he just needs to get that dumpster ordered! And I’ll be at Bed Bath & Beyond getting the air mattress as soon as we need it.

Love Always,

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