Jun 19, 2008

A Weekend in DC – Part 2

As I mentioned in my last blog, we didn’t get up in DC for Day 2 of our trip until noon – 9 AM our time. We first walked around the Natural History museum, seeing the Hope Diamond and all the fossils. We then headed to the American History museum. To our dismay, it was closed for renovations, so we headed to the Holocaust museum. I was unimpressed. It was confusing. There was a third level, but it seemed you needed a ticket to get up there, but there was not indication of where to buy or receive such a ticket and the rest of the place was rather blah. For a museum, there was a lot of blank walls. London’s Imperial War museum has a much more interesting Holocaust exhibit. We figured if we hurried, we could get in one more museum, so we headed to the National Gallery. There we saw some Van Goghs’ and Monets’, but not any of their more famous pieces. There was one of Monet’s Lily Pond pieces, but that was about it of what I recognized. At one point, it occurred to me that the Gallery should have the Presidents’ portraits, what Cameron and I recalled as being called “The Hall of Presidents.” We think we heard the term most recently on a Colbert Report episode. When we asked the volunteers working at the info centers, they had no clue what the hall of presidents was, and only one knew where portraits of presidents could be found – the National Portrait gallery. It was too late to try and run over to that museum, so we scrapped the idea and went of search of a place to eat lunch.

We wound up at a tapas Bar called Jaleo (link to web site). I have not tasted some many different flavors in one bite, each time I tried one of the many dishes we ordered. It had been said that the plates were small so 2-3 dishes would be required to feed one person. I ordered 3, Cameron ordered 4. My taste buds were dancing, the food was so delicious. Cameron did the best ordering out of the two of us, but the dish of the day was my discovery. It was a gazpacho, with cucumber in it, making it quite refreshing in light of the hot, humid day outside. I’ll post a recipe I got from the restaurant as we walked out, but we’ve determined this is not their recipe, just a traditional gazpacho recipe. We also had these fresh potato chips with spicy tomato sauce and garlic cheese sauce drizzled over them – a tapas version to nachos, I suppose. This was by far my second favorite dish of the afternoon. My next favorite were the lamb chops Cameron ordered. They had been cooked with just the right amount of rosemary for amazing flavor. We fully enjoyed ourselves at Jaleo, finishing the meal off with some flan. From there, we went back to the hotel, grabbing a bottle of champagne on the way and settled in for yet another nap.

When we got up, a lightning storm had entered the area. Not feeling we should walk the streets in search of a place to eat, in case the lightning brought rain, we settled for a late dinner in the hotel restaurant. We had quite the light show as we ate, but the food was dismal in comparison to our lunch. We grabbed some wine glasses from the restaurant after dinner and headed back to our room where we purchased The Bucket List on pay-per-view. It’s a great movie, one we will buy and recommend. Who can go wrong with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. We enjoyed our bottle of champagne while we watched and tried to turn in as early as we could, but we were only able to sneak in 4 hours before we had to be up to get Cameron back to the conference center and me to the airport in time for my flight home. It was a short trip, but worth it. With all we’ve got going on, we needed some time together where we could just be us.

Here a few more pictures we took during our trip. We couldn't take too many because the battery was low, and because of the move, I didn't know where the charger was. That reminds me, I still need to find it!

That's me on the steps of the Capital Building. This was the backside of it.

We came upon this little sanctuary when we walked to the front of the Capital Building. There was no sign to tell us what it was, but I can definitely see it as a good place to find some peace and quiet for thinking.

This is me in front of one of the santuary's three entrances.

We made sure to take one picture of the two of us. This was on day two before we headed back to the hotel for a nap!

Love always,

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