May 19, 2008

Weddings Galore

I don’t think we could have crammed more into a weekend then we did this one and we even added a half day to it, starting Friday afternoon, sort of. I was in Chico for a doctor’s appointment and working remotely for the whole day while Cameron took a half day and drove up to Placerville to take part in our friends’ Jonny & Anna’s wedding rehearsal activities.

We were supposed to meet in Elk Grove with Angela at 7:30 PM to sign the lease and conduct the move-in walk-through. Like any other wedding rehearsal, it ran late so I did what I could without Cameron (everything except sign the lease for him) and luckily, Angela was staying late to fix a sprinkler in the backyard, so she was still around when Cameron was able to get over to the house. He quickly signed the lease and grabbed me for our next stop of the evening – we didn’t even have time to walk through the house so at this point Cameron had yet to see inside of it.

After what seemed like an hour-long drive we made it to Ione, CA – a very small town to the southeast of Sacramento. Our friend Mackenzie was throwing our friend Greg (her husband) a surprise birthday party that evening since his actual birthday was the next day and would be shadowed by Jonny and Anna’s wedding activities. On top of that, we had two other joyous reasons to celebrate – our friend Lynde’s birthday had been Thursday (reason number 2) and her boyfriend Matt had decided that was the day to propose (reason number 3)! We now have another wedding to look forward to in the future. Congrats you two!

We had fun talking with friends at Greg’s party. The evening was perfect – after a hot day, the evening was warm but with no mosquitoes. We didn’t get back to Matt & Lynde’s until 3 AM. Cameron was up and out the door Saturday morning for pre-wedding activities in Placerville at 8:30! Matt, Lynde and I didn’t have to leave until 10:30 AM.

Jonny & Anna’s wedding was quite the event, much larger and more formal than Cameron and I prefer, but perfect for them. It was a full catholic mass so there was a lot of standing, sitting and for some, kneeling. I have to say it was a little long for the many flower girls and ring bears – after about 20 minutes they got antsy and started going in and out of the ceremony hall, which was somewhat distracting except for the happy bride and groom. Those two only had eyes for each other on this day. All in all, it was a beautiful ceremony. Anna was the traditional beaming and beautiful bride and Jonny couldn’t have looked happier as he watched his bride walk down the isle.

After the ceremony and pictures, we headed off to Gold Hill Winery, located in Placerville (a town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas and on your way to Tahoe if you take Highway 50 – I think, I wasn’t driving). It was a beautiful setting, despite the unexpected and unseasonably hot weather. Even the Bay Area was thrown into a heat wave last week, with Fremont reaching the high 90s and the Valley in the low 100s. Luckily, it’s since cooled down a little and the Bay Area has its coastal breezes again. We even had fog this morning.

After catching up with some people we haven’t seen in years, one dance and a delicious piece of cake, Cameron and I headed home. When we finally got there it was 12 AM and we were done in. Stay tuned for Sunday’s events.

Love always,

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