May 14, 2008


Good news! Cameron and I secured the rental we were looking at. I got the good news this morning. We’re working on details right now – like when we meet with our new landlord to do the walk-through and sign the lease. We’re running into timing issues because of our commitments to Jonny & Anna’s wedding this weekend and Angela’s commitment to run in the annual crazy Bay to Breakers run in SF. As it looks now, Friday night will probably be the time. Once the walk-through is completed and our signatures are on the lease, we’ll get the keys. We plan to do the largest portion of the move over Memorial Day weekend, but we’ll bring a load with us when we gets the keys and possibly Sunday. Any one with muscle and is willing to help us over Memorial Day weekend, we’d appreciate it. Consider it a birthday present to Cameron. We’ll even provide you with a Memorial Day/Cameron B-day BBQ when it’s all over.

There’s a ton to do between now and then, like getting the house packed up, scheduling Comcast and the phone company for set-up visits, etc. I’m sure I’ll be busy tonight, Sunday and next week with all of this, but the initial headaches will be worth it. Now I just need to get more packing supplies – I’ve already gone through the bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes and popcorn we had on hand and of what my parents donated to the cause.

Yippy! We’re that much closer to being closer to family and friends!

Love always,

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