May 27, 2008

Moving Day!

I have to start this blog entry by sending a huge THANK YOU out to Vicki, Joe and my parents. Without their help Saturday, we would not have gotten as far as we did with the big move to Elk Grove.

Moving day was a success. While everything took longer than expected (doesn’t it always?) and there are still small loads to be made ( besides the cleaning portion of moving out), we did manage to fill the U-Haul as full as one can only imagine and successfully push the Camaro out of the old garage and into the new one. We even hit up the nearest Chinese food restaurant after the move for a nice family dinner. The Bamboo Inn was great, so we have one cuisine checked off our list of good local restaurants to find (now if we can just find a good Sushi place).

The move was an exhausting effort and while Cameron and I had planned to go back to Fremont for another small haul on Sunday, in the end we determined we deserved to be a little lazy instead. We spent Sunday napping and unpacking.

We did go back to Fremont Monday. I needed to be dropped off since my car was still in Fremont and I’m working in the office Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Cameron used the trip wisely to grab computer equipment, which I believe he has since set up.

Last night, I worked on clearing out as many rooms as possible, making an organized mess in the family room. It now composes of things still in need of boxing up, trash, recyclables, cleaning supplies and ready-to-be-hauled off to Elk Grove piles.

Also last night, my girlfriend Steph, who lives in Santa Cruz, came over to watch one of the saddest movies we’ve both ever seen. We expected “P.S. I Love You” to be sad, but not as sad as it was. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great movie, at least by chick flick standards, but don’t expect it to be a pick-me-up type movie. I have to say, I do like the twist at the end. Normal chick flick standards would have sent it the other direction, but the direction it took, I’d say is the best. You’ll have to watch to movie to understand what I’m talking about. Don’t forget the box of tissues!

Tonight, I’ll try boxing up as much of the still-needs-to-be-boxed-up piles as I can, while also getting a jump start on some of the cleaning. I also still need to clear the office and guest room of any lingering items.

Once I’m done with work tomorrow, I’ll head home to pack up the Tahoe with as much as I can, along with the cats and Melody.

It doesn’t quite feel like we’re there officially for me yet. It was weird sitting at the house on Sunday, knowing we were in Elk Grove, and not having any friends around us. Only spending two nights before returning to Fremont can’t be helping my not feeling real notions either.

Love always,

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