May 9, 2008

La Fondue

Dinner at La Fondue was fantastic! Cameron and I only wish we had gone there sooner and been able to enjoy the restaurant a few more times while we were here living in the Bay Area. That’s one thing we will miss about the Bay Area – the availability of great food and the food variety. We’re huge on sushi, but the times we’ve tried it in Sacramento, we haven’t been impressed. We have a little restaurant down the road from us that we frequent often; so often that we get complimentary edamame and they know our drink orders by heart – no need to ask us when seating us. We even have our own booth there!

Any how, back to La Fondue. We did get adventurous and tried the “Wild Thing” combination dinner. These four-course dinners are designed to feed 2 people – I think if you paid for two extra salads, they could really feed 4.

The meal started off with our salads. After we completed this course, our waiter prepared a sharp cheddar, bleu cheese, sun-dried tomato and beer melty mix at our table as our appetizer fondue. Here’s a pic of me trying to get the melted cheese to let go.

From there we were brought the main course – the Wild thing platter. Starting at the bottom left, here is Alligator, Buffalo, Crocodile, Ostrich, Venison, finished off at the top left with Wild Boar meat.

I quickly discovered that alligator and crocodile, while not fish themselves, definitely carry a fishy and salt-watery taste, not to mention the meat is very chewy. I credit the chewyness to these retiles’ lack in fat – they are all muscle. I didn’t like it enough to get past two pieces of each, so Cameron finished these selections off for me. My favorite meat from the selections was the buffalo, followed by the Wild Boar. Cameron and I expected more out of the venison, but as he informed me, it tasted farm-raised and therefore lacked the wild flavor. The ostrich was pretty mediocre; I don’t even remember how it tasted now.

Because it’s fondue, you “get” to do some of the cooking. I let Cameron take the reins for cooking our meal.

Like the little kid spatula?

The last course of the meal was of course chocolate! We chose a mixture of milk chocolate, mascarpone and peanut butter. We enjoyed dipping strawberries, cherries, marshmallows, bananas, and even cookie dough balls in this mixture. Overall, I had a nice, quiet birthday, which was well overdue considering how busy we have been and are going to be over the next couple of months. Cheers!

Love always,


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