May 20, 2008

Adventures in Moving

I woke up Sunday wishing I could sleep more. Have you ever woken up with one of those drowsy headaches – you’re not hung over, but you feel it cause you’re so exhausted. Yeah, that’s how I felt. But we had to move on. Cameron had arranged to have his mom, Vicki, and stepfather, Joe, to drive down from East Biggs (a tiny town between Yuba City and Chico) with their truck so we could get a good load moved to the new house in Elk Grove. And a good load it was. We were able to move all but two packed boxes, a TV and the spare bed, but we still have a long way to go all the same. Luckily, I picked up more boxes from my parents, which Jake welcomed.

Isn’t he silly?! Not exactly a great helper, but entertaining.

As for how our animals are going to handle this move, our expectations are this: Kelsey will hide the first day until it’s time for bed and she gets to cuddle with us up on her bed, (she thinks our bed is hers, she’s just nice and lets us share with her). Jake will be more curious than ever and will probably exhaust himself sniffing every inch of the new house until he collapses, which will be our bed as well. Melody should be fine with it as long as she’s inside and under foot at all times. She is going to have to learn to take the stairs a little slower than what she’s used to – they’re a little tighter than the old stairs.

This week is going to be a busy one. We’ll be busy packing the rest of the house and getting all the necessary stuff done for the move. Wednesday we’ll deliver another load and get Comcast set up. The big move is Saturday. Can’t wait! We’ve got a few people on stand-by that have said they would help with the move – we’ll see what tune they’re singing when we know how the weather is going to be. Luckily the new house has AC!

So I’ll conclude with some pictures of our new home for the next year:

It’s pretty cute from the front

When you walk through the front door, this is the view

The kitchen is a little small, but at least Cameron will be able to see the back burner of the stove when cooking at it

The master bedroom is in the front with a nice window

And the master bath almost has my dream tub – at least it will be a better soak than I can currently get in Fremont.

Love always,

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